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Dr. Eddies Wingman

Brighter than thousand_suns
Re: Daily Song: The Legacy

My 2nd favourite track from the album. The only thing that keeps it from a 10 is that after the guitar solo, the music repeats itself a little too much. Otherwise, it is perfect.



Re: Daily Song: The Legacy

Forostar said:
The intro is majestic, full of haunting acoustic guitars and sudden interludes of bombast.
My feelings also.

I gave it a 9. The second half of the song (when the tempo picks up) is a little less interesting compared to the absolutely stellar first half, but the song is an amazing piece of music just the same. Definately one of my faves on the album.


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How anyone can give this a 2 I've no idea! The song is amazing and so well constructed. The vocal melodies, riffs and solos are second to none. 10/10. I would give it more if the rules of mathematics allowed it.


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One of my favourite Maiden closers a very good song, the vocals are first rate, rock solid, 10/10.
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I enjoy The Legacy but don't love it.  The song has a huge task in closing an album that contains such behemoth tracks as These Colours Don't Run, Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, The Longest Day, The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg and For the Greater Good of God...maybe it was asking too much for the closer to top all before it.  But it is a great track nonetheless, quite epice towards the end and it finishes the album in style.



Ancient Mariner
7. Interesting intro, specially when it starts to build up when explodes with that haunting loud chords, then gets back to the build up. What kills this song is, once again, 'Arry mania of cramming all the words into repetitive verses, which only makes me tired; the double vocals, a la crap Hansi Kursch is annoying as fuck. When Jan starts the tribute to Black Sabbath riff after those haunting loud chords from the intro, the song takes speed and Jan gives us an amazing solo with the classic Maiden vibe and then comes a showcase of melodies which are work of genius. Another song that got better with the listenings throughout the years.


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Re: Daily Song: The Legacy

The Mid-Distance Runner said:
I enjoy The Legacy but don't love it.  

This, basically. I really enjoy the intro and all the stuff when song kicks in, but somehow that level of enjoyment falls down as the song goes on. I usually find myself changing tracks after 4-5 minutes of this one. But, like most of this album, it's strong material. 8


8. I do really love the intro but I don't think the song itself is that great, it just lacks the strenght the elite songs (9-10) have, but still it is enjoyable. And don't you hear a strange 'clicking' on the intro? (1:49-2:15) & (2:30-2:55)


clap hands

What a weird song. Musically, it's very interesting, but repetitive. I like the ending quite a bit, the middle section reminds me of "Mother Russia", but the song as a whole just feels pasted together. FTGGOG would've been a better album closer.



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A long time personal favorite among the huge catalog of songs that is Iron Maiden's discography. From the acoustic intro and the first soft verses through a slower middle-part and to the powerful final third, the song is full of rich musical and lyrical themes that flows it's way naturally through it's close to 9 and a half minutes.
The harmony part after the guitar solo is arguably the best and most interesting harmony the three amigos have pulled off, and together with the bass and drums that doesn't feel like two separate instruments, but one - what is the best album of the bands career ends at the absolute top as the last acoustic chords and the bass is heard after the gong has declared its finality.


Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
Not bad.Some really great melodies on this one.It nowever drags too much towards the end. Good thing we don't get a chorus on this one.I am sure Steve would have forced it being repeated to death lol


The Legacy. The best track on A Matter Of Life And Death, and one of my all time favorite songs. Where can I begin to describe my love for you?

The first third of the song starts of as a lullaby, with acoustic guitars and some soft, kindly singing by Bruce. The lyrics are quite vague and diffuse. Almost like in a horror movie, the feeling that something is not quite right, is in the air, and lines like "Sent off to war to play little games" and "Has played with their minds... Removed all the lies" gives a hint of what is coming and what this really is about. The songs main theme enters and sounds not too far from Beethoven's fifth symphony. Then the dramatic but yet calm build up starts, and the eerie and at the same time sad atmosphere spreads through the air. Some seems to think this section is too long, but I think it's wonderful and perfect. The main theme kicks in two more times, this time in a more dramatic way, and marks the end of the first part of the song.

A drumroll comes in (Nicko is not playing anything during the first three minutes) and the second part of the song takes off. The riff they play is heavy and powerful and the serious nature of the song becomes more evident. Bruce starts to sing again and the mood in the vocals have totally changed, as if Bruce (or the one he portrays) have revealed his true self for us. While the "verses" are filled with anger (You lie in your death bed now
But what did you bring to the table"), the "pre chorus" is more dreamy and introspective. The "chorus" (the closest a chorus we get) are bombastic and ends with "You now will leave". The main theme comes in again and marks the end of the second part of the song.

The new riff kicks in, and picks up the pace a little bit. This riff is kind of gritty and dirtier then the last one. Janicks starts soloing, and while it isn't long and epic, it's certainly one of his better solos. Into the dirty riff once again and then an epic harmony starts. Here the song opens up more and the anger and horror is gone. Instead the lyrics are more reflecting on the human nature overall ("We live in an uncertain world
Fear understanding and ignorance is leading to death"), and seems like a summary of all the subjects and feelings that we went through on the album. After three verses the harmony kicks in again together with a fantastic melody on the top. Two more verses, the harmony with the melody on the top again, and then into the gritty riff for the last time. The third part, as well as the whole song and album, ends with the main theme, this time played in a soft way, the way we first heard it.

Like I said, a wonderful song. The song summarizes what the record is all about, and ends this modern classic in the best way possible.


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The Spiral King
Arguably my favorite off of AMOLAD, alongside maybe Lord of Light. This song is Janick's masterpiece and one of the absolute best songs the band has ever written and recorded.


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The best Maiden song. I think I've alredy described its mysteries and wonders elsewhere. Just let me repeat myself - a perfect ending to a perfect album. This is the kind of song I would want to write if I wanted to write songs.


Ancient Mariner
Agreed, that's my number 1 too. The epic of epics in the TRUE meaning of that word. The most atmospheric and the darkest Maiden song, that proves Janick is a songwriting god. The whole composition is so incredibly tasteful. The acoustic intro and the following orchestral sounding passage is the most cinematic Maiden has ever got (achieved with no cheesy keys - I'm looking at you, EotC...). The 3:10 riff is a total flip out moment for me, I got chills just writing about it. No fanciness, just raw power. And that in-your-face beat underneath... Epic beyond limits. Soooo good... The verses here are some of my favourite Bruce's deliveries ever. If all that wasn't enough, we get that uplifting moment towards the end, which echoes classic melodic Maiden... Lyrics are amazing too - perfect crowning of band's most mature material.


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I still vividly remember the first time I heard this song, it completely floored me. The Genesis-esque intro that wouldn't be out of place on Nursery Cryme, the passionate delivery of the lyrics, the chorus, everything about this song is epic. Every part builds up perfectly to the next and takes what is already a near perfect album to the next level.

I think this is a contender for the proggiest song on the album, you can really hear the 70s English prog influence here. Not just in the intro, but in the prechorus too, especially in Steve's bass playing. After the Sabbath-y riff we get a twin melody and chorus that wouldn't be out of place on Piece of Mind.

If The Longest Day is the soundtrack to a World War II film, this is the soundtrack to a political thriller.

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