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The Hip-Hop Thread

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by SinisterMinisterX, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. SinisterMinisterX

    SinisterMinisterX Illuminatus Staff Member

    About time we had one. Perhaps not a general favorite among metalheads, but I know there are hip-hop fans here.

    Best documentary I've ever seen about rap: The Art of Rap, made by Ice-T. Part 1 Part 2

    What's great about that doc is that Ice-T approaches it from the musician's POV. It's about how great rappers write their rhymes and developed their flow. Includes freestyles by most of the rappers interviewed. I was especially impressed with Kool Moe Dee:

    Here's one of his older songs. Great stuff.

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  2. JudasMyGuide

    JudasMyGuide Domini canis

    Okay, so I'm definitely a hip-hop n00b. I remember I played the sh*t out of the Beastie Boys, Eminem and the Wu Tang Clan some time ago.

    I hate everything resembling hip-hop on the radio today, because, honestly, whether it's Pit Bull or Flo Rida, it's pretty much unlistenable to me.

    I have listened to Fear of a Black Planet and I probably missed something. It was very monotone and I don't understand the popularity. I mean, I know Public Enemy are praised for the production, that oppresive sound, well, that's good, but otherwise I don't get the appeal.

    I've heard an album by Biggie and it was good, but I still don't understand the "genius" label.

    And that's pretty much everything so far. Ever since I've moved more into metal/prog/classical, I don't think I even heard a hip-hop song in the last year and a half at least.
  3. SinisterMinisterX

    SinisterMinisterX Illuminatus Staff Member

    Those aren't hip-hop, they're just pop music. I've never heard either one of those guys referred to as a real rapper.
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  4. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    Interesting. Cool to see so many oldies in there. Via a fragment of this doc, I just learned that the actual performer in The Message is not Grandmaster Flash himself, but Grandmaster Melle Mel and Duke Bootee. :)
  5. The Flash

    The Flash Dennis Wilcock did 9/11

    I like hiphop but I'd call myself a hiphop n00b as well because I only recently got into hiphop. I only ever play the classic albums and even by that there are quite a few I haven't heard.

    Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by Wu-Tang Clan is one of my favorite albums of all time. To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar is the best album I've heard this year. (Granted I haven't heard much)
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  6. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

    Don't go to the radio for hip-hop. Most real hip-hop is not on the radio. That's the same as thinking Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica etc is all there is to the genre of"metal".

    I have listened to a lot of hip-hop and still do when I'm in the mood. I have friends who listen to like 90% hip-hop so I get a lot of stuff that way too...

    Just yesterday I discovered this tune. Really nice summer-y vibe. Like going out walking around the block on a summer day. They are definitely worthy of being categorized as being among the better duos in hip-hop. Catchy and positive lyrics too.

  7. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

    As a matter of fact when it comes to Hip-Hop on the radio I like how Dead Prez puts it:

    Nigga, don't think these record deals gon' feed your seeds
    And pay your bills, because they not
    MCs get a little bit of love and think they hot
    Talkin' 'bout how much money they got all y'all records sound the same
    I'm sick of that fake thug, R&B-rap scenario, all day on the radio
    Same scenes in the video, monotonous material
    Y'all don't here me though
    These record labels slang our tapes like dope
    You can be next in line and signed and still be writing rhymes and broke
    You would rather have a Lexus or justice, a dream or some substance?
    A Beamer, a necklace, or freedom
    Still a nigga like me don't playa-hate, I just stay awake
    This real hip-hop and it don't stop

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  8. JudasMyGuide

    JudasMyGuide Domini canis

    I mentioned radio more in the way I might come across it. I'm usually not searching for hip hop all that much, so there you go. Whether it's Pitbull or Wiz Khalifa, I usually change the station.
  9. Mosh

    Mosh The years just pass like trains Staff Member

    I like Hip Hop a lot. It's not a genre I know extremely well, just albums/artists that I've had recommended to me by friends and on the internet, so there's a lot of classics I've missed. I'm probably more familiar with newer stuff.

    To Pimp A Butterfly is by far my favorite album this year too. It's a masterpiece. Maybe the first album I've heard that has had a ton of hype with it that I felt actually lived up to the hype.
  10. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

  11. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

    Here's one of his older songs. Great stuff.


    Very nice! :) How about some LL Cool J, from way wayyyy before "Mama Said Knock You Out"..This is from 1985 :)

  12. SinisterMinisterX

    SinisterMinisterX Illuminatus Staff Member

    I entirely agree! :p

    I acknowledge his skill, but I've always thought LL was overrated as a rapper. That drum machine in the track you posted drives me nuts. I find his rhymes and flow to be less creative than Kool Moe Dee.

    But, if you wanna take LL as a pop artist - songs like "Goin' Back to Cali" or "Doin' It" - he's much better.
  13. SinisterMinisterX

    SinisterMinisterX Illuminatus Staff Member

    There's actually two rappers on that song. Melle Mel opens and closes, but Duke Bootee does a bunch of the second verse. Check out the video:

    Of course, Melle Mel is the one known for the chorus.
  14. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

    OK, but hopefully you agree that this guy beats em both. Slick Rick, legendary :D

  15. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

    Or 1988's "Long Live The Kane"! Another master :)

  16. SinisterMinisterX

    SinisterMinisterX Illuminatus Staff Member

    Hehe... don't even have to watch the video to know he will. Yes, he's one of the best from the 80s. I'd also put Rakim up there. They both had massive influence.
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  17. SinisterMinisterX

    SinisterMinisterX Illuminatus Staff Member

    I was never a Big Daddy Kane fan, but that's because his hair cracks me up. Those flattops that were popular around that time always looked silly to me. Kane's not the worst, though... anyone remember Kid-n-Play?

    That one is pop, not hip-hop, IMO. I've never heard any modern rapper mention them as any kind of influence. Flo Rida of the 80s.

    As for Kane's music, it's OK. I'd put him below Kool Moe Dee but above LL Cool J.
  18. SinisterMinisterX

    SinisterMinisterX Illuminatus Staff Member

    A further statement of pop vs hip-hop: Fresh Prince was never hip-hop. I don't care how much he tries to look and sound hard. He's pop.

    That doesn't mean that he can't lay down a mean rap, though....
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  19. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

  20. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

    A Fave. You've gotta love this....


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