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The Hidden Gems setlist.

Discussion in 'Maiden Chat' started by ghkghk, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. ghkghk

    ghkghk Trooper

    I know we would all love this setlist because it includes a lot of songs never played live, or at least just a few times.

    But... how would you grade it a s a setlist for a tour?

    - The Alchemist
    - The Loneliness of the long distance runner
    - The Clayvoyant
    - The prisoner
    - The Duellists
    - No prayer for the dying
    - Only the good die young
    - For the greater good of God.
    - Dream of mirrors
    - Starblind
    -Brighter than a thousand suns
    - Judas be my Guide
    - Lord of the flies
    - To tame a land

    - The great unknown
    - Remember tomorrow
    - Paschendale

    I think it's a solid 10, and could perfectly be a real setlist without playing any of their 30 or 40 most popular songs, and none of the 3 "juggernauts" of their respective albums.
  2. SirRobbins

    SirRobbins Ancient Mariner

    pretty sure all but 5 of those songs have been played live... The duelists, the alchemist, Judas be my guide, starblind and Only the Good Die Young are the only 5 I'm aware of that haven't been played in that list... Most were regular rotation during the supporting tour of the album.... with some rare exceptions... It would be great to get a tour of rare, unheard or rarely played songs... there are quite a few...
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  3. soundwave

    soundwave Educated Fool

    I always thought Judas would be an absolute lock for the setlist during the FOTD tour.
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  4. Yes and single choice. Shame
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  5. Collin

    Collin Jambi

    1. Aces High
    2. Wrathchild
    3. The Trooper
    4. Wrathchild
    5. Wasted Years
    6. The Trooper
    7. Two Minutes to Midnight
    8. Wrathchild
    9. Wrathchild
    10. Can I Play With Madness?
    11. Run to the Hills
    12. Fear of the Dark
    13. Iron Maiden
    14. The Number of the Beast
    15. Sanctuary
    16. Running Free

    this is also the setlist for the 2018 tour. It was leaked yesterday on Facebook.
  6. SirRobbins

    SirRobbins Ancient Mariner

    I'd go to the bathroom during wrathchild.... each time it was played :blink:
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  7. Whooten

    Whooten Educated Fool

    1. Be Quick or Be Dead
    2. Rainmaker
    3. Killers
    4. Still Life
    5. 22 Acacia Ave
    6. Face in the Sand
    7. Different World
    8. Deja Vu
    9. Out of the Silent Planet
    10. When Two Worlds Collide
    11. The Duellists
    12. When the River Runs Deep
    13. To Tame a Land (Eddie Comes Out as Powerslave Mummy)
    14. El Dorado
    15. Iron Maiden

    16. Murders in the Rue Morgue
    17. Purgatory
    18. Flash of the Blade
    19. Flight of Icarus

    A lot of shorter songs, so these 19 songs can be done in 100 minutes. Throw in some Bruce banter and crowd participation during Flash of the Blade and you have a set just under 100 minutes.
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  8. Maiden4Ever

    Maiden4Ever Trooper

    Forgot bloodbrothers,
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  9. Maiden4Ever

    Maiden4Ever Trooper

    1. Be Quick or Be Dead
    2. Rainmaker
    3. Killers
    4. Infinite Dreams
    5. Die with boots on
    6. NPFTD
    7. Futurereal
    8. Sea of Madness
    9. BNW
    10. The Prophecy
    11. Lord of the flies
    12. Back in the village
    13. To Tame a Land (Eddie on stage with I want wrathchild banner)
    14. SIASL
    15. Iron Maiden

    16. Remember Tomorrow
    17. Judas My Guide
    18. Holy Smoke
    19. When the wind blows
    20. Wrathchild (instead of bright side of life)
  10. Littestu66

    Littestu66 Invader

    some of these have been played live but not with any real frequency, so I will take "hidden gems" as tunes that have been played 100 times or less, which is a small number considering over 2000 shows (number of performances according to setlist.fm)

    Montsegur (0)
    Flash of the Blade (0)
    The Legacy (44)
    El Dorado (98)
    The Talisman (62)
    The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg (96)
    Rainmaker (48)
    Alexander the Great (0)
    Starblind (0)
    Out of the Shadows (44)
    The Longest Day (44)
    When the Wild Wind Blows (62)
    For the Greater Good of God (60)
    Infinite Dreams (96)
    Empire of the Clouds (0)
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2017
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  11. Moribund

    Moribund Prowler

    I'd like to have a live album (or collection) with the following songs done live (w/Bruce).

    1. Iron Maiden -- Charlotte the Harlot
    2. Killers -- Prodigal Son
    3. No. of the Beast -- Invaders
    4. Piece of Mind -- none
    5. Powerslave -- Flash of the Blade
    6. Somewhere in Time -- Somewhere in Time, Stranger in a Strange Land, Sea of Madness
    7. 7th Son -- none
    8. No Prayer for the Dying -- No Prayer for the Dying, Fates Warning, Run Silent/Run Deep, Mother Russia
    9. Fear of the Dark -- Judas be my Guide, Weekend Warrior
    10. X-Factor -- The Edge of Darkness
    11. Virtual XI -- none (unless the rework the Angel and the Gambler to cut out all that repetition)
    12. Brave New World -- The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
    13. Dance of Death -- Age of Innocence
    14. A Matter of Life and Death -- Different World, Brighter than 1,000 Suns, The Longest Day, For the Greater Good of God and Lord of Light
    15. Final Frontier -- Starblind
    16. Book of Souls -- If Eternity Should Fail, Speed of Light, The Great Unknown, The Red and the Black, Book of Souls, Death or Glory
  12. TheTalisman

    TheTalisman F├ągel

    Out of the Silent Planet
    Judas Be My Guide
    Judgement of Heaven
    Sun and Steel
    Look for the Truth
    The Nomad
    Sea of Madness
    Childhood's End
    The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
    Gates of Tomorrow
    Judgement Day
    Isle of Avalon
    The Man of Sorrows
    Strange World
    Only the Good Die Young
  13. Diesel 11

    Diesel 11 Come to the Sabbath

    How many songs are we allowed to include? I'm gonna go with 16 for now, but note that my structure may not work as well live as a different one. They're just some 'hidden gems' that I think would be cool to see.

    El Dorado
    Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)
    When The River Runs Deep
    Sun and Steel
    Total Eclipse
    Genghis Khan
    The Apparition
    Judas Be My Guide
    The Aftermath
    Only the Good Die Young
    2 A.M.
    Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger
    Alexander the Great

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