The Future Past tour 2023

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I hope the big Eddie for the tour to be Senjutsu Eddie (because this is still the album tour) with inflatable hands like Eddie from 1986, or at least the 2-faced Eddie from the tour poster. SIT will have a walk-on Eddie and Senjutsu too, I guess.
I would say just about anything from the reunion eras after Brave New World would be a deep cut. Final Frontier hasn’t been touched since the original tour.

This tour feels like tying up loose ends in a lot of ways. Every other 80s album has had a chance at being showcased/deep cuts pulled from, even the first leg of TFF tour was all about the newer albums. It feels like an older band signaling that they’re about to wind things down.
The Isle of Avalon and Starblind would probably be fantastic live.

And "No More Lies" would be timely, since everyone is hyper-political these days and spends a good deal of time pointing fingers at one another on social media.
I can’t believe that neither Isle of Avalon nor Starblind have ever been played live.

Both are in my Top 15 IM songs., and you can just let it keep playing through Talisman - The Man Who Would be King - When the Wild Wind Blows. Brilliant.
Maybe a year before? Once they know what the theme for the tour is they probably have decided most of the songs. The 2008 setlist was decided backstage at a show in 2007.
I think in the documentary for Death on the road, Rod or Steve said they usually start planning a year ahead the tour.
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