The Future Past tour 2023

It's the second show. Give it a rest. Last tour it was Bruce, then he improved and people shut up about it for the most part.
+1. Nicko's drumming is already improving after only two gigs (as are the rest of the band's performances) - they will find their groove! They're not young and this is probably one of the most challenging setlists they've played in decades.
It's the second show. Give it a rest, things will work out. Last tour it was Bruce, then he improved and people shut up about it for the most part.

You have a point, but the difference is last year was their first tour in three years so that was kinda to be expected. Nicko is simplifying drum lines that he performed perfectly normally less than year ago.
Will see how the tour progresses before I get too concerned. Thing is Nicko will be 71 and he's had arthritis in his hands for a number of years now. Father Time will catch up to us all eventually. I will give the guy a break
Definitely not the case in 2018...
And after that, all we heard about is "Bruce sounded so much better in 2018, what happened" in 2019. Then that picked up even more traction during the first 10 shows during the last leg (until he improved); I seem to recall you being one of them. :D
Nicko is essential to the Maiden sound. Joe is very good but his funky and groovy style just can't be replicated that easily.
The Beast Over Hammersmith album is the definitive Iron Maiden live album and the drumming isnt even close to sounding to how Nicko plays the material.
Well then, have him rename British Lion "Iron Maiden" then, and then we'll talk. Have fun with that.
Legally it could happen! Im not the type of fan that obsess over who is in the band. Loved the 90’s version without Adrian and Bruce! Love the current version! Love the contributions from the 1975-1979 lineups to the first album. If they loose 3 members this decade I’d still go see them! I love Maiden, including the other lineups!
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My final update from Slovenia in case these have been interesting or useful for anyone:

Yesterday I visited Piran, on the Adriatic coast. It's a small town, and it felt like I was in nearby Italy. There wasn't much to do - it's more about relaxing by the water.

Today, as planned, I hiked to the top of Mt. Stol. I had planned on doing this the day after the concert, but didn't have enough energy. I made it tougher on myself by starting near the reservoir (rather than taking a taxi to the mountain hut, which would have reduced the ascent by about 600 meters). It was much more strenuous than I expected, and I was far behind schedule (at times I was worried about descending in the dark). There were several instances when I considered turning back, but I kept going. The final section was treacherous, as there was more snow than I expected. From the top, I was able to look down into Austria. My plan was to play "Death of the Celts" from the summit (the line about "the road, it winds uphill all the way" seemed appropriate) - but it was already late in the afternoon, and there was an ominous storm cloud drifting in, so I started the descent almost right away. The descent was tiring, but I got back to the bus stop as the sun was starting to set. Overall, including transit time and dinner, I was out for about 14 hours.

The highlight of the trip, of course, was the concert. But I'm glad the band picked Slovenia. It's a country that, six months ago, I knew virtually nothing about, and probably never would have otherwise visited.

Many thanks again to @Diplomat and @matic22 for help with my questions over the past few months. (If you're ever visiting Canada, especially Toronto, you know who to ask).