The Future Past tour 2023

Nicko actually shortened Wasted Years too yesterday. Came in with the full rythm one round too early. H wasn't impressed.

All in all Nicko had a really rough time yesterday. Lots of uncharachteristic mistakes and rough transitions.
Yeah, I heard that too. Time waits for noone!
They did not play those at RiR. They were played at the first gigs they did in 2001 (London x2, Mexico and Argentina), but by the time they got to Chile they had been replaced with Run to the Hills, which was also played at RiR.

Fallen Angel had been played instead of The Mercenary early in the tour in 2000.
Thanks for clearing that up. I saw them thrice on that tour and they never played those songs but at the Clive Burr shows they encored with NOTB, COTD, HBTN and RTTH.
If they add Joe Lazarus, they will extend their lifetime for atleast 5 years
I'm sure Maiden could match Rolling Stones. If Keith Richards can tour at 80, so can Maiden. Might have to adjust to Bruce in terms of song choices. But Nicko in the band by 2025? I don't know.
First gig of the tour is always a bit sketchy. He'll be on point before you know it.

I have only witnessed one gig nearly at the very start of the corresponding tour (2nd gig on the GMETID tour) and the band were really rusty. A month and a half later they were superb, but I could not help but think that the people who attended the first few gigs were somewhat being shortchanged by the lack of (enough) rehearsals prior to the start of the tour.

On the other hand, these mistakes are what make them human and show that they are not playing over prerecorded tracks like some of their contemporaries.
I love Blaze. Always have. But this is the band that spent almost four years with a technically untrained and unprepared singer. They might stick with Nicko throughout a somewhat declining performance for a while.
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Just listening to the gig again.

Man, those rythm transitions in Time Machine are tough. They will likely smooth them out, but damn, they are tough.