The Future Past tour 2023

I'm going to try to not watch any videos of the tour until after the O2 shows, but when the almighty Youtube algorithm shoves CSIT or ATG on my home page, goodness knows I am going to crumble in a nanosecond.
I'll have to go to Illinois for sure if they don't come here, but chances are really good they will since they've been here twice since 2017.
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Some of the old songs needed to be rehearsed a bit more too, but that's how it goes. The first show will be littered with fuck ups, they get better as the tour goes on.
Indeed! Liked Bruce's outfit too. This has to be a first for me!
About to book a trip to Vancouver to see it. Suck that I will be in Portugal the latter half of June, but could not work a side trip in.