The Future Past tour 2023

Very pleased to have been able to start this tour with you all. Thank you all so much, up the irons! For anyone who’s in the same boat I am and it’s the start of your day, I can imagine this will be a real highlight for you. I’m gonna try and go back to sleep now, but holy moly, how awesome this has been!
When I attended the LoTB 2018 show I was thinking that that was the definitive setlist, that nothing could top that.

Boy, was I wrong!!! What a setlist, what a tour this will be. This is epic, unimaginable. Thank you Iron Maiden for blowing our minds again and again and again.

As cool as the 2023 setlist is, it does not come anywhere near the greatness of the 2018 one.
Those small screens are a very nice idea. The lightning rig above the stage is like ''on levels'' and it looks as if part of the stage is up there too.