The Future Past tour 2023

Will there be a spoiler free thread? I don't mind knowing the setlist but would like to avoid any pictures or videos of the stage
I think there will only be 1 thread with spoilers allowed because the new post talking about it says this:
“we will not be following a strict spoilers policy for the Future Past Tour, but we will ask that all tour talk remain in the tour thread”. So I don’t think we need to use spoiler tags at all.
There are 15 more minutes from Gothenburg, November 15, 1986. It is a different camera than the one that filmed the entire concert. C Snippets from different songs. You may know it, but many do not as the 15 minutes have never been on youtube.
In retrospect, it feels sad that the same person filmed 30 minutes from W.A.S.P and didn't save all the battery for Maiden.
Can't recall what versions of the show I have here in the collections. Maybe it's newer edition surfaced in the last few years?
I really hope they use the Blade runner intro like they did in 1986. Didn't they remove Sea of Madness to get a shorter setlist in the US and Canada? Just like they did with Losfer words? I think they had something to do with overtime(the workers at the arena) Can't remember it was 40 years ago. Somewhere on tour is my favorite concert together with DIO Sacred heart 1985-86. Those were great experiences and I'm glad I was there at that time.