The Fugitive

How good is The Fugitive on a scale of 1-10?

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Another underrated song on this album. Has to be a masterpiece and would surely sound killer live. Love the solos and the chorus melody.


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your right, the song WOULD be great live. Got to love this song.


Apart from the fact that I always have to think of Harrison Ford as Dr. Kimble (the movie was done about the same time as the song), this song isn't too memorable to me. The solo is quite good, but I don't like the chorus.


The Fugitive is probably the most underrated song in this album. I am not so keen on the instrumental section, especially Dave's last solo (which I think is his worst ever) but Bruce does an excellent job and verses and the chorus are great.

Meaningless, unimaginative lyrics though. Which was a common thing for Steve in No Prayer For The Dying and Fear Of The Dark albums.


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Daily Song: The Fugitive

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Today's song: The Fugitive

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I rather like this song. It has a great driving back end and Bruce is in good form. The lyrics are a little shallow. For some reason, writing about a TV show just doesn't have the same impact as the literary and movie subjects of previous and later efforts, and reminds me forcibly of the early years, which at this point, are well behind the band without emulating the rest of the atmosphere.

All that being said, it's still somewhere between a 7 and an 8. I'll give it an 8.


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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

Actually a pretty good song! But that's not saying much, I can listen to every Maiden song out of context and I'll like it.

Anyway, very nice performance by everyone, including Bruce. I'll knock some points for the first solo, for some reason the backing doesn't fit right into the rest of the song.
The lyrics aren't anything special, and if you compare ot to The Prisoner, it gives a bit of the same feeling Tailgunner does when compared to Aces High. Also, Dave's solo has the same beginning lick as the one in Futureal!

I'll give it a 7, I think that's fair.

P.S: Now listening to Chain of Misery and it's pretty good too. Damn, I can't rate every song more then a 7!


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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

6. Straight ahead rocker with lyrics visibly inspired by the novel, portraing Dr. Kimble escaping prison to prove his innocence. Musically, it's simple, but effective with great Bruce performance.

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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

Bruce's performance here just gives me chills. Another under-rated gem.

"On a cold October morning"...


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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

I like this song, it has a nice drive, and I particularly like the beginning (until the verse  becomes heavy). The chorus is the only part of the song that I don't like that much. I rate it in between the two songs that precede it on the album (an 8 and a 7, respectively), and round it up to an 8.


Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

One of the best from the dismal No Prayer/Fear era, but that's not saying much. Afraid I can't give it more than a 5 though as nothing really stands out for good or bad. Has not aged well.


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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

4/10 I'm not keen on this track at all. For some reason I can't even play it in my "minds jukebox" and every time I try, it just gets overwritten by "The Assassin".

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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

i like pretty much everything about this song except for daves solo. not as good as childhoods end though.



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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

I think I give it a 7,5/10, there's something about the way the songs go that just makes me fly away

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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

Quite a bit of the classic Maiden feel in this song and Bruce gives a sweet vocal performance. 9/10
Geeee, I think you can guess what song will get a 10 from me. :p


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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

Call this one a wasted opportunity. The introduction, the early verses and the break into the fast section set you up for a good, possibly epic track. Then that’s it. The chorus is mediocre at best. And the rest of the track barely struggles to reach mediocre. It’s not annoying like Fear is the Key, but it is the second FotD track that has me reaching for the fast forward button. Five.


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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

I really like the heavy intro, but after that it goes a bit downhill.  The lyrics and singing overall are pretty bad, but I like the instrumental bit in the middle.  For Fear of the Dark, it's pretty good, but in the overall Maiden catalogue just average.  I give it 7.


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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

Another shining track, I enjoy this one the most from side B. It's not only one of the strongest on this album, but strong in the whole catalogue, and unfortunately another one which is somewhat underestimated. I find it at least as good as Childhood's End and it has the same kind of atmosphere (the keyboards contribute in that aspect, blending very fine with the guitars), though more suspenseful instead of doomy. I see these two as the brother songs on the album.

Fine intro, but ater that it only gets better. Excellent build-up and bright solos (an exceptionally well prepared solo by Janick!), and nice pace overall in the whole track. It's a nice "moving" song for bus, car, train, bike or simply the point of the track: "on the run".

Last year I saw the film The Fugitive, and thought Harris was inspired by it, but then I found out that the film came out in 1993 (LC mentioned older TV series, which I didn't know about).

This song is the first example of acoustic guitars heard at the same time as electric rhythm guitars (3:37 in this clip), since Prodigal Son.

For me this is one of the last very good songs singlehandedly penned by Steve Harris: 8,5 -> 9


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Re: Daily Song: The Fugitive

This is indeed an overlooked little number. I can't really get worked up about it, but it's pretty good. The music is very atmospheric, and the lyrics indeed put you there. The drive put in the verses is great, but the chorus unfortunately ruins it for me. The solos are, well, OK, but nothing to write home about. Bruce sounds like he would have liked to put more into it but for some reason didn't manage to. All in all, the song sounds half-finished to me, which is a shame, because as I said, I love the part around the verses. Too much drags it down, unfortunately... 5/10.