THE CRUSADE OF EPICS: Top 128, Round 51

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Diesel 11

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Oh “Ghost Love Score” 1000x. I like “In My Time of Dying”, but it doesn’t really tread much ground during its runtime. Even without Floor GLS is a perfect song with so many layers, magnificent performances, and one of the most powerful choruses ever. And with Floor you also get that incredible high note ending that no one can seem to get enough of. The choice is clear. “Kashmir” is the only great epic on PG anyway.


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Aaaargh, why must I be forced to choose? I really love IMTOD, but I love GLS ever so slightly more (as sacrilegious as it feels to vote against Led Zep in anything)


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“In My Time Of Dying” is fine, but nothing too special. The slow bluesy parts and the extended outro plod a bit, though the uptempo section in the middle is entirely serviceable. The song arguably stands out most for its obvious influence on other songs like AC/DC’s “Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” and Danzig’s “Twist Of Cain”, among others.

“Ghost Love Score” is from the more pompous latter era of Nightwish, so I like it less than some of their earlier work; but the harmonized choral parts are great, as are many of the solo vocal parts. The instrumental parts are overly indulgent at times, but on the whole this track follows a more compelling through line in its songwriting than the Zeppelin track.

Sorry, @Midnight, but I have to go with MrWoogercocker 11’s nominee here. Winner: Nightwish


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This pair demonstrates the difference between 'long' and 'epic' quite well, for me. Nothing particularly wrong with Zeppelin's song, but it nowhere near has the drama of Ghost Love Score. Putting the symphonic into, er, symphonic metal.

Incidentally I'm still giggling at Black Wizard's quip on the Hellfest chat feed during the Nightwish set the other week. In answer to the endless whinging about the current singer not matching the style of the original singer, he commented:: "Yea, they should never have got rid of Paul Di'Anno." Amused me, anyway.

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Bored af by the Led Zep song. Doubt I will ever get into them. Nightwish on the other hand... Although I prefer the live versions with Floor, it's still way better than LZ.
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