THE CRUSADE OF EPICS: Top 128, Round 47

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
“The Poet and the Pendulum” is a truly fantastic song in every sense of the word. It packs together power, heaviness, darkness, light, tenderness, and a whole lot of emotion. Just terrific.

Avantasia beat “The Greatest Show on Earth” so they can eat shit.

Night Prowler

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Avantasia's song is so monotone. Drumming in particular is devoid of any imagination or energy. Same beat nearly the entire song. Can't believe Felix Bohnke is on the drums, sounds like a drum machine. I blame Tobi. Non-Tobi vocals are great, and the chorus is OK-ish, but it's not a good song.

Nightwish's song is way more energetic and just the chorus slays the entire Avantasia song. Cons are the stupid lyrics and narration and the fact that it's a few songs combined, but it's still enough to win this tie.

Night Prowler

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Results of Round 34:
Avantasia - Let The Storm Descend Upon You
Nightwish - The Poet & The Pendulum

Asphyx - The Rack (Nominated by @Dityn DJ James)
Primordial - Last Call (Nominated by @Magnus)


Love in anger
This Asphyx song starts as plodding, simplistic doom, then morphs into lo-fi thrash with comically bad vocals. After a fair amount of meandering it lands in a more interesting extended outro groove. There are a handful of decent moments here, but most of the song is unmemorable to bad.

While I’m not fully on board with Primordial’s sound, they do a great job at setting an ambiance and delivering hypnotic rhythms that suck you into the song. This track goes on a memorable journey, and in the end it outclasses its competitor in pretty much every way, except for some of the riffage.

Sorry, @Dityn DJ James, but @Magnus ’s nominee takes this one in a walk. Winner: Primordial

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I know I'm late but my vote would have been for Primordial. Both songs were solid, "The Rack" actually kept up interest quite well, but "Last Call" was a bit more interesting and I thought the vocalist was quite cool.


General of the Dark Army
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Primordial puzzle me a bit because the production sounds like what everyone* dislikes about black metal, and I find it a mismatch to their style. Going for Asphyx on the basis that The Rack seems more consistent to me and has more direction

*Well, those who dislike it


Ancient Mariner
because the production sounds like what everyone* dislikes about black metal

As far as black metal production goes, at least it doesn't sound like ass, like the second-wave bands in general. Not that much of the garage charm, I mean. The guitars for example sound like guitars, not like an angle grinder.

Besides production, there's less "SAYTHAAAAAN" and less of them being teen edgelords (*cough, *cough WATAIN *cough) - though they do try to be edgy, I admit, furthermore there's no gargling shrieks and overall it's not only much more pleasant, but also aiming at an emotional purpose for the listener.

I know they are sometimes labeled as black metal/-ish inclining, but honestly, I don't see that all that much.

But I'm hardly a BM expert, nor do I wish to become one, so could you elaborate, mayhap?