THE CRUSADE OF EPICS: Top 128, Round 36

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Night Prowler

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I should like Asphyx more than I do, but I feel like this song misses that something. Probably catchiness. I like Van Drunen in Hail of Bullets so the vocals aren't the issue and the production is cool. I liked the outro riff the most.

Last Call is a classic. Top 5 Primordial song, if not the best one. I don't understand the production discussion; sounds super clear, no trace of BM garage production here.

Night Prowler

Customer Deathcycle Manager
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Results of Round 35:
Asphyx - The Rack
Primordial - Last Call

King Crimson - The Court Of The Crimson King (Nominated by @The Flash)
Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize (Nominated by @Lampwick 43)

Lampwick 43

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Anesthetize is really great. It takes you on quite the journey. Also, fun fact for those who didn't know, the solo at the 4:03 mark is played by Alex Lifeson.


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Well, this was a nice strong round.

This King Crimson song is haunting and piercing, and flows nicely through its first 7 minutes or so before closing with a couple of bizarre but fitting codas. Strong instrumentalism and songwriting, very memorable.

This Porcupine Tree song is longer, more layered, and more musically challenging. It’s got some really cool parts to it, but it also feels less cohesive than the King Crimson song.

If I were judging this purely on musicianship I think I would lean toward Porcupine Tree, but this King Crimson song has some kind of otherworldly special sauce to it that I can’t deny. Sorry, @Lampwick 43 — your nominee was worthy, but I have to go with @The Flash ’s choice here. Winner: King Crimson


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I like the songs about the same, as Court is not one of the KC best songs in my book (which can actually be affected by the placement - after Schizoid Man and Epitaph which both are 10/10 tracks it kinda feels like retreading old ground at the end of the album) whereas Anesthetize is definitely one of the better PT songs, or at least, one of the PT songs I can remember.

So I threw in the historical importance and the fact they actually did this in nineteen-sixty-freakin'-nine and gave the vote to KC.


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I'm starting to prepare the Greatest Metal Song Cup for 2022 and I'm curious what people think:

Same structure (just a glorified knockout tournament)
Or some sort of league/branch/division, perhaps based on metal genres? IE, a Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, etc etc etc, and maybe the top 8 or 16 or whatever all get dumped into a big league at the end?