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Ended up going to the Friday night of the festival as it turns out you did need to either have a negative test or be fully vaccinated to enter. Got there in time for Killswitch Engage and everyone on. What a weird Metallica set - no songs from the black album at all.
Yeah, weird setlist without any Black album songs. But that's great for me because I'd rather see them play songs like Trapped Under Ice, The Call of Ktulu, Leper Messiah, Disposable Heroes, Motorbreath, No Remorse, Jump in the Fire and To Live is to Die. They'll play a few different songs for the second night later on, we'll see if they pull out some rarities.

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Well, supposedly, they're playing a lot of it tonight (potentially the whole thing) to close out the festival. 16 songs on Friday, 16 songs on Sunday, if there's no song repeats between the two that's impressive enough.

On a different note, nearly headed to St. Louis for the Rolling Stones's opening night (upper deck of the dome cut to $65), but I'm still in recovery mode from Friday. :D


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I went to see Fascinating Aïda last Saturday. Although it felt really weird to be sitting in a sold-out venue, the show was absolutely hilarious, filled with great songs with witty lyrics, including one about Fake News with the lines:

Kevin Costner was a splendid Robin Hood,
And Priti Patel is such a force for good,
Whilst Prince Andrew has been just so misunderstood

Sarcasm at its best. These ladies do not mince their words, with Laurence Fox and Boris Johnson also being two of their targets at some points during the show.

They had to, obviously, play some crowd pleasers too...

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Great gig by The Manic Street Preachers in Portsmouth last Friday. They played 5 new songs that worked really well in the set (a shame they did not play Don't Let the Night Divide Us though, with the immortal line Don't let those boys from Eton Suggest that we are beaten, no, no, no).

As usual since 2019, they included a cover of Sweet Child O' Mine. I would have preferred one of their songs instead, but it was nice to enjoy that song without having to endure Axl Rose's voice.

1 hour and 35 minutes with no encore (what is the point in leaving the stage if everyone knows the band will be coming back to play more songs?).

This was the setlist:

Motorcycle Emptiness
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
The Secret He Had Missed
You Stole The Sun From My Heart
Still Snowing in Sapporo
Everything Must Go
Complicated Illusions
International Blue
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
La tristesse durera (Scream to a Sigh)
Sweet Child o' Mine
Slash 'n' Burn
Spectators of Suicide
Ocean Spray
You Love Us
A Design for Life


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Just saw Jackson Browne open for James Taylor.
A lifelong dream to see these artists but both on the same night?!
James joined Jackson on stage for Jackson's last 2 songs.
The visuals via screen behind the stage were very complimentary to the songs.
They both sounded great and both had good stories to tell about most of the songs.

Will post James' set tomorrow.
Need to sleep for work tomorrow


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I have more than made up for this year's lack of concerts by booking my fourth of 2022 today. :)

March - Sabaton
April - Stereophonics
May - Tool
June - Aerosmith

Now if I could add Maiden and Duran Duran that would be great. :lol:


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I saw The Waterboys in Guildford on 21st October.

Great gig, with Mike Scott et al in very fine form.

Set 1
Don’t Bang the Drum
Love and Death
This Is The Sea
When Ye Go Away
Still a Freak
Dennis Hopper
Ladbroke Grove Symphony
Old England
My Wanderings in the Weary Land

Set 2
Where the Action Is
In My Time on Earth
Fisherman’s Blues
November Tale
Nashville, Tennessee
A Girl Called Johnny
The Pan Within
Medicine Bow
Be My Enemy

The Whole Of The Moon

Today I will see Billy Bragg at the same venue in Guildford. I wonder if he will play this classic with the updated lyrics...



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Some years ago, the famous comedian Bill Bailey wrote a very funny song in the style of Billy Bragg :lol:

Billy Bragg apparently found it funny too an ended up playing the song live with Bill Bailey

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My giggin has been good these last 2 months.

King Kong Kompany - Irish dance band

The Specials - The Specials

Kila - Irish folk/world music

Electric Picnic Festival - various wonderful stuff including Jerry Fish whos wiki page describes them as "a mix of 'lounge lizard schmooze and mariachi passion' and 'punk latino'."

Some local stuff over the last couple of weeks featuring the styles of folk, alt rock/funk, country groove/blues rock and doom.

All these gigs ranged from good to mindblowing. Of all, I recommend Kila as a band for yis to enjoy. Also Myles McCormack for chill, emotional folk and No Oil Paintings for country riff blues rock.

Most recent was Bicep, a Belfast dj duo who are growing in popularity. It was a bit shit. Lacking atmosphere. Im not that familiar with them but what I had heard I liked. But the gig was flat, quite a young, messy crowd. Im glad the ticket was free.

On the horizon is only The Mary Wallopers in December. They are an Irish trad band, great live, great musicians and very funny. I look forward to it. Last time I attended a gig of theres they played for approximately 1 minute. They opened with a song deemed controversial by the organisers. They were told to play a different song. They left the stage. I hope for a longer set this time.

At most of these shows I meet people who are at their first gig in aaaaages. Being at live shows feels normal to me again, for which I am very thankful. Long may it continue.


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Kila are great. I saw them live in 2004 and have very fond memories of that gig.

Edit: I remember them - Rónán Ó Snodaigh in particular - being very interested in the location of the tomb of Hugh Roe O’Donnell. :)
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This is the only time you can say for sure that someone is a #1 fan of a certain band:

I personally think that the police response is a wee bit excessive.