"The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

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I just wish that this era last for more than one album. That's all I want. But if it's their final word - it's good one.

Well that's what I (and I guess many other people) also said after Final Frontier ... and if they would make another one, then it's the same story all over again :p
I do really hope they will continue making new music though... I fear this might really be the last one though =[


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Yeah, same here.

IESF could be opening for Tyranny of Souls, I almost expect Abduction to start right after.

As for TRATB - instrumental song should catch attention, this song is great but without Bruce it would be kind of "whatever, what's next?".


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People who do like such (unoriginal/rehashed/etc.) Maiden (they can call it "vintage", *waves at @mckindog and runs in opposite direction of Vancouver* ;--P) will love this.


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Yeah, my family just left so I'm blasting CD 1 as loud as I can… god, this album is great. I can't stop singing with WTRRD.


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Are you people f##king insane? 40+ pages in this thread alone in less than 9 hours? :D

Anyway, listened to IESF, it's amazing. The atmosphere reminds me a bit of Blue Oyster Cult's Fire of Unknown Origin.

Also, I'm glad Shirley remembered there's a thing called reverb and delay on vocals. And that the guys remembered there's a thing called guitar harmonies. :D
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I don’t like Empire of the Clouds, and I’m having trouble understanding why. I know one thing I really dislike about the song is the vocals near the end. It’s a captivating story, and as it builds it gets harder and harder to understand Bruce. During the climax, at it’s most crucial point, I have no idea what he’s singing.

Anyone else have this problem? I have a good pair of headphones, and a decent set of speakers, and it makes no difference, can’t understand a thing at the end. It causes the story to fall flat. All this build up, and than, who knows..

There are actually a few songs on this album where I can hardly make out any of what Bruce is saying, but it affects this song the most.

Now, don’t go calling me a negative Nancy, there is lots to love on this album, and a lot still to digest, and I’ll get to all that, I was just curious what you guys thought about this. As for you Debbie downers, and pessimistic Patties.. trying borrowing some of that infectious enthusiasm others are sporting, it’s more fun that way.

I get what you mean, but I'd like to point out this is a low quality leak. It's a 128kbps mp3 transcoded as 320kbps, which isn't lossless in itself. I've had the same problem with the lyrics, couldn't decipher most of them. But sound quality matters, in a big way. 128kbps is a bitrate that can cause significant sound loss and muddiness.


Major thank you to everyone on this forum for making this the most interesting, exciting, teasing and entertaining day or so.
It's been getting harder to hold off downloading BOS. But I have resisted. I'll wait till Friday at this point (Or thurs midnight if that works in iTunes). Feels like I'll be goin on a crazy adventure :clap:


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I don't know if they posted in online. There is pretty big article about maiden, Bruce & Adrian & Steve solo projects *british lion and so on* + review of all albums in their history + interview with Dave. You can buy magazine on their website in electronic version for Windows/iPad but it cost about $3 and still you must translate it.

Here is the link: http://www.e-kiosk.pl/numer,90412,teraz_rock if someone will buy it - I can help with translation.
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