"The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

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Bruce never sounds bad on Maiden's studio albums. And didn't they record the last 2 in a similar "live" fashion? So, I'm sure any mistakes made by Bruce got re-recorded until they sounded good. Maiden knows what they're doing so no worries here.
I don't think they actually record the vocals "live", I always had the idea that Bruce does it on his own after the instruments have been tracked.

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I don't think they actually record the vocals "live", I always had the idea that Bruce does it on his own after the instruments have been tracked.

That almost exclusively is the case for any band. Vocals are the last thing to record.

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Word trivia: Of is the most used preposition in Iron Maiden's album titles, The Book Of Souls will be the 7th album to use it (after TNOTB, POM, SSOASS, FOTD, DOD and AMOLAD). No other preposition has been used more than once in Maiden album titles (In and for have both been used once).

No surprise, of is probably the most used preposition in the English language in general as well.


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True, but first singles have ALWAYS been released around 2 months before an album's release date for every band ever no matter what their tour plans.

The first single off Maiden albums have usually been released 2 or 3 weeks before the album, bar the very early albums and that was usually because the UK tour had kicked off before the album had been released.

Benjamin Breeg was 2 weeks before, Wildest Dreams 1 week, Wickerman 3 weeks, Angel and the Gambler 2 weeks, Man on the edge 1 week, Be Quick 4 weeks, Holy Smoke 3 weeks, Can I Play with Madness 3 weeks, Wasted Years 3 weeks, 23:58 4 weeks, Flight of Icarus 5 weeks, Run to the Hills 5 weeks, Twilight Zone/Wrathchild 4 weeks and Running Free 9 weeks.


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I don't hate Steve's songs all of the sudden. I think almost everyone here agrees that Steve has lost the measure with his structures..either by repeating endless chorus lines or by adding extra long parts that become unecessary in the end.I think we might be one of the very few forums where we see comments of the type....hmmm,ok...92 minutes...lets hope 80 of them are good....or something along the lines of......tha k god Bruce is writing some songs since we know what to expect from Steve.


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It's true that Steve doesn't write epics the way he used to, but sometimes I think the criticisms are a little exaggerated. When The Wild Wind Blows was a really great epic, for example, and it makes me excited for The Red and the Black. The repetition can be annoying, but he's gotten a lot better about that over the years. Just compare the repetition in TAATG to that of WTWWB. And even in those more repetitive songs, the melodies and riffs are still solid. Despite its repetition, For the Greater Good of God still has some delightfully dramatic moments.
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