"The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

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I wouldn't. I already said :)

Listen to some leak that you don't know where comes from in some suspect audio format and quality? Who can't wait 2 weeks at this stage in the process?

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Hey Guys, Just wanted to share that the more I listen to Speed of light the more I love it. It has some really catchy stuff this song, it's incredible...
Can't wait to hear the album man!!!!!! Did you guys notice the buzz for speed of light is bigger than to previous singles?


Ancient Mariner
I'm not so sure about this. El Dorado was very much hyped up at the time.
I assume because they were touring at the time as well.

I agree - no samples for me. I literally wore out that 30 second Speed of Light teaser which totally threw me off when I finally heard the full song the first time. Nope - want to go into this one having read a lot but not having heard a lot.


I am very excited for TBOS because only one song published. I feel a 'Brave New World' hype now... I'll not listen until i buy it.


G'day. Long time lurker, first time poster here. Been a Maiden fan since the mid 90ies, I have. Though I known about IM since the 80ies, just wasn't that much into music as a kid. I like a lot of other rock and metal bands as well. Pardon me for any misspellings or grammar flaws, I'm not of Anglo-Saxon origin, though the spell check helps.

I suddenly felt the urge to utter a comment on the new song called speed of light to people I have never, as far as I know, actually met.

I felt a bit disappointed when I first heard Speed of Light, felt it was another "meh" "single"-song like Wildest Dreams, Different World, and El Dorado, but thankfully it turned out to be a bit of a grower and I now find it pretty catchy, a bit too tame, but catchy and with a nice 80-ies nod with that guitar solo part, you know when Eddie fights the RTTH devil. Bruce sounds good, you can hear he has aged a bit, but he still pulls the "staaaaars" of pretty well. I give it 7/10. A step forward from the boring afore mentioned songs...

I hope and expect better things from the "epics" of the Book of Souls though. The long Iron Maiden songs have tended to be the best (with some exceptions) post 2000. I am a bit annoyed about that, because even though "epics" is great to listen to when you sit for yourself in the car or by the computer or whatever, it's not really good in a social cohesion, most of my buddies don't have patience to listen to the same song longer than 5 minutes.



"especially since the sound is not only glorious, but finally punchy again from the Boxing penetrates"
I love Google translate on that German review :)

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One of the Facebook groups I'm on quoted some lyrics and said they're from a review so if someone could find that review and post it here, we would have some legitimate lyrics since they would already have been published in the review for everyone to see. ;)


Have a good time, all the time!
The German(?) review had some lyrics like
I Am the Harvester of Souls!
Somebody save me!
Take my chances, stand by my side
Sacrifice ... food for the gods,The book of souls , the power of the kings
Tomorrow comes , tomorrow goes, The Tears of a Clown, The Tears of a Clown
The Empire of the Clouds May rest in peace
but no full song lyrics ive seen just yet
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