THE BOOK OF SOULS: LIVE CHAPTER - New Live Album! - November 17th

Guys, I noticed that on the Live Chapter, Maiden used a lot of footage from the Wacken concert which was streamed live in 2016 ! That is another thing that I'm very disappointed with :( I'm sorry to say, but I think Maiden, at least nowadays are lazy ! I have already written the things I'm disappointed at the Live Chapter , but I guess Steve is guilty for that, and maybe Tony Newton , but mostly Steve, since he has edited the video and Newton is responsible for the sound ! I'm started to think that with so many things that I don't let say like for this Live Chapter - I would not be so glad to have a DVD of it ! o_O live albums are also good, but video/DVD is another thing. And with this spectacular stage set on the Book of Souls tour and with the great new songs - I think it deserves a good DVD + documentary about the tour like the one on En Vivo! or a documentary part 4 !
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If this is adressed to me - I kinda like to put emoticons :) and don't see a problem with that :mad:


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Trying to be interesting with that ! but you're not man, so write something about the Live Chapter (the theme) or continue to be ironic -> :confused:
After listening to it for a week or so, it's a great live album, one I feel I will be coming back to

but for the sake of it, I'll do a bit of nit picking:

1) "Scream for me Buenos Aires, The Iron Maiden", the worst version of this iconic introduction.

2) There's a bit more of Bruce's intros than are on recent albums, but I feel that some times they just use the last sentence of the monologue which makes it sound a bit weird. Eg. the french intro to Children of the Damned*, he just mentions a platinum album out of the blue, it sounds weird. Even worse is the one for Blood Brothers. I was at the gig so I know it was part of a great speech with regards to events earlier in the day when a nutter went into a gay bar and killed a lot of people. However, someone listening to the album without that knowledge only gets to hear a sentence starting with "no matter how many people you try and kill", which therefore seems like a bizarre non-sequitur.

they're really the only things I can find to moan about, which means that it must be a great album.

EDIT * I must add I'm glad the corny bit about maybe your parents fucked listening to children of the damned didn't make the album.
I found another thing to whinge about, in the build up in the Great Unknown just before "in the selfish hearts" there's something feeding back or interfering that doesn't sound great, it could be steve playing a bum note as well, but I don't think so.
He should have stayed off the garlic moules. They're bad for producing bum notes.

I can't hear it.
Hey guys, can anyone tell me how to download the video film concert? I thought that I was supposed to received a download code or something but it seems that is not available anywhere to get it. Thanks!