the better DiAnno album

the better Maiden album with Paul DiAnno?

  • Debut

  • Killers

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el diablo

Educated Fool
This is weird for me because I although like more songs from the debut (4 of 8) my favorite 2 songs from that era are both off Killers ( MITRM) and title track.


Found in a lost world
If you asked me this a year ago I´d say Killers...definitely! But now I´m not that sure.
Those albums aren´t flawless. They both contain strong tracks but also quite forgettable songs.
I prefer the iconic artwork of Killers more.
The debut has the best song out of the 2: Phantom, obviously.
So maybe I just vote for the debut this time.


Last Son of The Miracle
I say the debut as Killers is only about 50% of a great album. I'd be interested to hear the debut with Killers' production, but I think the raw, lo-fi sound really suits the music.
Decided to break it down as although I plumped for the debut album on instinct now I'm not so sure. Going to do a track head to head.

Going to leave out Ides from the equation. Going off the original track listing.

Prowler vs Wrathchild - The effective openers. Wrathchild wins the day for me, though would probably prefer to hear Prowler again live before Wrathchild returns to the set.

Remember Tomorrow vs Murders in the Rue Morgue - Love both these tracks but Remember Tomorrow has just something different about it which gives it the edge. Whether Di'anno or Bruce singing.

Running Free vs Another Life - Think the band would agree with me that Running Free wins hands down, given the amount of time they have played it since. I like the live versions of Another Life with that extra punch it has (though don't think the Burr solo's help the song).

Translyvania vs Genghis Khan - Battle of the Instrumentals. Really not sure here. You could get a different answer from me week to week. I love the the opening of Translyvania and the middle bit of Genghis is great. If I had to choose one to come back into the set I would plump for Genghis Khan so will go with that.

Strange World vs Prodigal Son - the two dreamy ballady tracks. Strange World for me. I love that tune. Prodigal Son not as catchy guitar or vocal wise.

Iron Maiden vs Killers - Title track fight!! I prefer this version of Iron Maiden to the later versions. It's far more punkier and raw. The later live versions may cloud my judgement a little bit but I think Killers is just a brilliant song and sound and wins the day anyway. Would like to see it back in the set one last time.

Charlotte the Harlot vs Purgatory - Why oh why don't they play Purgatory. It's brilliant. The Bruce versions of 81 miles better than his Charlotte in 2005. However this is about Di'anno - the outcome is the same.

Phantom of the Opera vs Innocent Exile/Drifter - I've given Killers either of the two tracks to go against Phantom and neither come close. Phantom of the Opera all the way

So surprisingly that came out at 4-4.