Tears Of A Clown

How good is Tears of a Clown on a scale of 1-10?

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Years Wasted
Even though Bruce didn't write it, it totally feels like is one of his songs. His performance of the vocals is really great. The only part I'm not so sure of is around the 4 min mark where the guitar part is really weak


Surprised it was so heavy. Great song! Big surprise, much heavy, wow!

Second take: oh yes, this is sailing up as a favourite! Im - almost - crying. But I'm not going to hang myself anytime soon!
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I was looking through the book & it says Mark Abery was the inspiration for TOAC. I thought Robin Williams was supposed to be the inspiration?

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Why can't it be both?

It can, and I think of it as if it is. One of my favourites from the album after three listens.

From the name of the song, and especially after I learnt about the subject matter, I, like others, expected this to be a ballad. Instead it is a rather heavy song. Still, it seems fitting to the lyrics. Don't think I would've liked it as much if it were indeed a ballad.


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The only Mark Abery of any significance I can find is the director of a company which runs celebrity sports matches, some of them for charity. Steve has played in a couple of football matches his company organised. The booklet says Mark Abery provided the inspiration for Tears of a Clown, rather than it being about him.


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I don't understand all the buzz about this song. The riffs are not very expressive... It feels very monolithic, there is not much breath in it. I kind of predicted it right - I expected something similar to Coming Home and it is in a way, but much less emotional and musically engaging. But it's not terrible... Probably will be played live since it's Bruce's favourite.


Is it Bruce fav? Its one of mine too off this album so I wouldnt be unhappy if IM play it live.
Speed of Light and Man of Sorrows. Most of the others are okayish, but bland.
I can't see me listening to it much longer.


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It's not a bad song but I don't understand why everyone love this song sooo much. For me weakest part of this song is Nicko.

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Daves solo is shockingly bad on this one. I can sort of hear what he's trying to do, it sounds like he's trying to be the play the polar opposite of Adrians solo. Adrians is very loud, in your face and aggressive with a heavily processed tone. Daves is quiet, timid, and his tone is very dry.

Unfortunately his solo sounds like a beginner who has just learnt his first scale and is trying it out over a backing track that he's never heard before and is just trying to find notes that work. The first note of the solo just doesn't work well, he bends up to a B as the key is changing back from D minor to A minor. When the key changes like that you want a good solid note (maybe an A, E or C), a note that would work in the previous key but works well over the first chord of the new key.

Sorry for ranting but I don't feel this solo works. Adrian makes Dave sound like an amateur.