TBOS Tour Predictions


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Nope, it's gotta be IESF. It's a classic Maiden opener, just a little bit slower. If it isn't that, then it will probably be The Wicker Man.


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Ehhh, not so much it will be WTRRD or DoG. SoL, will definitely be played, but not as an opener. Im 95% sure that the opener will be IESF though.


Educated Fool
1.Be quick or be dead
2.If eternity should fail (Without tape)
3.Flight of icarus
4.The trooper
5.The book of souls
6.The evil that men do
7.The red and the black
8.Speed of light
10.Run to the hills
12.The clansman
13.Fear of the dark
14.Iron Maiden
15.Caught somewhere in time
16.Halloweed be the name
17.The number of the beast


Educated Fool
And let me tell you something,we have missed that Heaven can wait could be played because of Bruce,he said in a interview that he sang the song in the shower while ill


after hearing Empire of the Clouds, pretty sure if they play it live someone will be conducting. Definitely the Encore.


Ancient Mariner
I'm gonna predict that IESF (as the opener, naturally), Speed of Light, Red and the Black, The Book of Souls and either Death or Glory or Tears of a Clown (maybe one on the first leg, one on the second) will be played on the tour, but I will be very pleasantly surprised if they bring out Empire of the Clouds.

I also hope and expect that they will throw in a healthy amount of reunion-era material as well as the classic staples.


I'm convinced that the setlist will be something like this.

  • [*]If Eternity Should fail
    [*]Speed of Light
    [*]2 Minutes to Midnight
    [*]Coming Home
    [*]The Clairvoyant
    [*]The Red and the Black
    [*]Blood Brothers
    [*]The Book of Souls
    [*]The Number of The Beast
    [*]Fear of The Dark
    [*]Iron Maiden
    [*]Running Free

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
After several listens of TBOS (and preceding a little pause before the official release), here is my supposition.

In the setlist:
"If Eternity Should Fail"
"Speed of light"
"The Red and the Black"
"The Book of Souls"
"Tears of a Clown"

Not kept:
"The Great Unknown"
"Shadows of the Valley"

Big question mark:
"When the River Runs Deep"
"Death or Glory'" (I guess they will pick one of the two)
"The Man of Sorrows"
"Empire of the Clouds"


I think it could be something like this:

1- If Eternity Should Fail
2- Speed of Light
3- The trooper
4- The Final Frontier
5- These Colours Don't Run
6- The Red and the Black
7- Can I Play with Madness
8- Hallowed be thy name
9- The Book of Souls
10-Wasted Years
11- The evil that men Do
12- Run to the Hills
13- Iron Maiden

14- Tears of a Clown or The Man of Sorrows
15- 2 Minutes to Midnight
16- Running Free


Educated Fool
I really hope the change the structure of the stage.Has been the same since dont know......maybe Death on the road?.

That would be awesome to have ramps again or something new.


I'll shoot the gunner first!
It's been the same since Brave New World, at least. I think they used a smaller stage set for Ed Huntour and the Blaze years.

But I find it funny how they say every time they've got a "new stage". :D


Ancient Mariner
If Eternity Should Fail
Speed of Light
El Dorado
Hallowed Be Thy Name
The Book of Souls
The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
The Wicker Man
The Red and the Black
The Trooper
Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast
2 Minutes to Midnight
Running Free


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It's been the same since Brave New World, at least. I think they used a smaller stage set for Ed Huntour and the Blaze years.

But I find it funny how they say every time they've got a "new stage". :D
I like it. It's signature Maiden. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Travis The Dragon

"Here's another fine mess you've gotten me into"
Besides, it's not the stage design and production that's important. It's actually seeing Maiden live in concert, performing their songs before your very eyes and they amazing energy the band themselves put into the show. I used to thing that a fancy production was important for a good show, but after seeing a number of amazing performances at small clubs, I realize that a fancy production isn't at all important. Hell, if Maiden decided to drop Eddie, that wouldn't even bother me. He's just a nice bonus, but isn't necessary for a great show. Sure, it would be pretty amazing if my dream came true of Maiden doing EOTC and having an actual model of an R101 with Eddie flying it and having it crash and explode on stage, but again, something like that isn't absolutely necessary. And I know it won't happen and could care less. But like I said, it's really the actual performance that counts and you can always count on getting a super great one from Maiden!

Also, since they skipped filming a show for a DVD on the Maiden England tour, you can bet we'll be getting one this time around. And hopefully they do a show that has a live webcast again.


Ancient Mariner
So... on ET interview at the Hard Rock Cafe Bruce said that his 3 favourite tracks from the first two albums are: Murders in the Rue Morgue Prodigal Son and Killers... If Bruce has something to do with choosing the set, how can we make him to include them on next tour?:p