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So one of the main things, i think, anyone can say about Maiden is that they are one truly monstruous band live and also that they put on a great visual show. Their live playing is not all about the indeed great playing they have as a band, but also the designs, the visual concept of the tour and, of course, Eddie.

Over the years they've taken us to a lot of different places like old Egypt, the future, to a kind of world of ice, theater, war, space and so on... Every tour has a kind of universe around it. That's just the band Maiden are.

So my question is.. Of all the stage designs/concepts, what is your absolute favourite? That question alone can lead to all sorts of different other questions like if the reason behind it is Eddie, the overall vibe, the nostalgia, the theme, etc, but whatever your reasoning may be, let's hear it.

Or, in this case, read it.

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It's an obvious pick, but still my favorite:



A hollow universe in space
Not saying at all that i don't like the original one, but i think i actually prefer the Maiden England 2013-14 version, mainly because the colours and lightning gave a colder atmosphere to the stage. I'm kind of interested in seeing if anyone else prefers any "history" tour


I think World Slavery Tour was their best. I also love the stage from Seventh Tour, the BNW one (Eddie and the pirotecnics were great, and also to see Bruce "flying" around the stage), and DOD was a good stage concept, althought I don't like the album itself.


A hollow universe in space

The Eddie on that tour was just so fucking cool.
The AMOLAD tour had an overall amazing vibe, so dark and serious. I like this very very much as well! The lights in particular really brought the war theme from the album cover into the stage, i think.


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My favourite live stage show, as others have said, has to be The World Slavery Tour. Having said that I think the new album has a lot of potential with which to inspire a great stage set, so I'm really looking forward to the new tour in that respect.

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The spam bots are evolving! :eek:

Back to the topic, The Somewhere Back In Time tour is my favorite stage that I've personally seen live, although the fact that is was my first Maiden show may have played a part.

I am pretty confident the new tour will be very good in terms of stage design.

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I think we're going to get some hints dropped about the stage design for the new tour shortly. They mentioned it in the New FC magazine. I'll post on that in the news thread at some point.

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The World Slavery Tour and the Seventh Son Tour are very impressive. I also liked the Brave New World Tour Stage Set and the A Matter of Life and Death Stage Set.


I'm still miffed that they had a hack artist steal one of my Eddies, which was used on an official tour shirt as well as part of a stage back drop.