Speed of Light - Official Music Video Thread


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I like it more than Wildest Dreams and El Dorado, but not The Wicker Man and Different World, but BNW and AMOLAD are my 2nd and 3rd favorite albums so there's that. Production is better than TFF, but still not quite my thing, although I'm extremely picky about sound generally so it's not a big deal. Either way, I never really expected too much from this song, epics are way more important.

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Going back to this:
Let's see how many references to Maiden's history we can come up with...I'll start.

1) The Wasted Years control panel from the Wasted Years single at the start of the video...

2. Charlotte from Charlotte the Harlot at the beginning of the pixel video game..

3) The Killers axe in space

4) Killers Eddie in the first pixel part (he uses his axe to destroy the flames too!...is the big bad guy who abducts Charlotte also a reference?)
5) In the second video game part there is a poster for Trooper beer on one of the buildings.

6) In the section where Eddie gets the second heart we can see the alien skull from TFF, the Cyborg arm from SIT and the foetus creature from SOASS all in jars as well.
Not sure but...

7) The donkey kong scene is taken from the Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter artwork

8) The bad guy is throwing boxes with eyes on them that flames up like the TV boxes on the Holy Smoke artwork
9) There's also a poster that looks like it could be original Eddie from the Iron Maiden cover at the bottom of the building that he starts out at.

10) The Powerslave pyramid appears in the background at around the 2:08 mark.

Let's keep this going! are there any other hidden easter eggs in this video?


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Does it count if after saving Charlotte Eddie do with her exact pose from "Bring your daughter..." cover?


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I like the production here. Finally there's some reverb on the vocals. The chorus is the highlight of the song. The verses and the guitar riff are but run of the mill, though.

They do remind me of 'New Frontier' somehow. Anyway, 'Speed Of Light' seems far better than 'Wildest Dreams', yet not as good as 'Wicker Man', 'Different World' and it does not keep up with 'The Final Frontier' whatsoever.

And let's face it, the video is nonsense.


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I love the nod to Wasted Years right at the beginning. I'm such a SIT fan, brought a tear to me eye... :D


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The intro is Blackmore's Run With the Wolf and the delicious opening scream is pure Gillan, but I don't see the bulk of the song as Purplesque.The riff and couplets are UFO and yes,Dio-era Sabbath. I hear touches of El Dorado in the melody.

Repeated riff on the verses and power chords under the chorus - the feel is very 1980 and I love that.
I also love the pulsing bass line. Steve sounds so smooth. He and Nick really push this one along. Sounds faster than it is. The chorus is glorious. A real ear worm without being obviously catchy. Bruce is channelling that Fear of the Dark-era versatility.

And I'm shocked to see criticism of the solos. Davy's smile shines through - he's having more fun than anything he did on TFF. Adrian's is pure Smith and the lead break ends with a vintage Maiden melody.

That's what a single should sound like. Every album needs a song like that one. I'm liking it more with every listen.


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I love this song, I love the video, It's easily better than The Wicker Man, Wildest Dreams, and Different World. I like El Dorado too much to decide if SoL is better.

The song is just so amazing. It's now number 7 in my itunes top 25 list. I've listened to it 25 times, that doesn't count watching the video either.


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I done listened to this a few times, and while I like it (probably love it) it's really weird. Like the song is doing it's best to NOT grab you and be catchy. It really reminds me of Bruce solo material, but I can't tell if it's solo material from like AoB, or Balls to Picasso.


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This is like the Somewhere in Time album cover of music videos! So many references!

Bruce does this cool thing with his voice again in the last "NiiiIiiiight" that he did a lot on his two 90s albums :yes:

That's my favorite part of the song. It might add an entire point to my enjoyment of the song as a whole, honestly. He sounds sooooo very much like Dio at the start of that run, it gives me chills.

The last level, the first-person one, is supposed to represent The Book of Souls, right? And that album is supposed to have a Mayan vibe to it, right? Then why, please in the name of everything explain it to me, why is there an Aztec sun stone?
Aztec and Maya are not the same. They are not. Putting an Aztec item in a Maya environment is like depicting Plato's library with a Qur'an. The Aztecs appeared in the 13th century, the classic Maya age ended seven hundred years before that. They spoke entirely different languages and had entirely different belief systems. I know that in the 2012 hysteria, the Aztec sun stone was always shown depicting the Mayan calendar, and it was wrong then already.

Well, you know, white men came and all that...

I have to say, is is by far their best animated video. Maybe even their best video of all time.

Definitely their best animated video, 100%.


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Honestly I didn't like it at first. This one song has a lot riding on it really, and almost unfairly so. It's been 5 years since we've all heard a new Maiden song and singles on these new albums are almost always the outsiders - we're in it for the epics. But I warmed up to it after the 3rd or so listen through and am digging it now. It definitely reminds me of El Dorado mixed with something off of those early 90's Bruce discs but still is fresh.

Production sounds almost the same as TFF to me aside from the reverb on Bruce's vocals (finally!) and the harmony part. It'll be interesting to hear how this works with the lengthier numbers.

Honestly, I found the video a bit distracting at first so I've stopped watching it to get used to the actual song.

One thing is clear on this is that it's a total Bruce/Adrian song. I hear nothing here that sounds like Steve wrote any of it.

3 weeks to go!

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Video for SOL also offers another proof of powers that Adrian Smith possesses. At 3:10 almighty H resurrects Eddie only with powers of a guitar solo and gives him strength to beat The Beast.

I can confirm that this music video is a subtle nod and confirmation that Adrian Smith is, in fact, God.


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12. When Eddie is climbing the building around 2:01, you see the band in a window from the SIT back cover and the cover from the Purgatory single.