Speed of Light - Official Music Video Thread


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How are we doing on compiling the lyrics, this is what I've got so far, don't know if anyone has posted anything a bit more comprehensive elsewhere!

Another time, another place
A whole new universe in SPAAAAACE!

I took a trip to see the sights,
I will be blacker than the night.

One way ticket, no return!
My shooting star so fast it burns!
On the edge that he can't see,
Let's shoot the moon you and me, I'm not particular you see, I'm just a lonesome galaxy!


Shadows in the stars,
We will not return,
Humanity won't save us,
At the Speed of Light!

Shadows in the stars,
We will not return,
Humanity won't save us,
We slip into the night!

I'll say a mass for you and wave,
Shooting plasma from my grave.
Event horizon lost in space,
Running in a human race.

I don't know where I don't know why,
But somehow back when time began,
I'm on the edge, that you can see,
I'm not particular *unknown*
A single particle of me, you won't be dragging me back safe (?)



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My immediate thought was that they'll make a game available on the website perhaps like they've done for other albums.
I think every album was represented in some way in the video as well, it was like Easter eggs all over the place! (although I gotta go through again and see if I can catch Dance of Death).

Haha mine too "Oh maybe they'll make a shooter on the webpage"

When The Beast kills Eddie the first time..it's by his special "Death" move, I guess that's sorta Dance of Death related...:lol:

As for the song, love the raspy Bruce scream at the start - brought back a little feeling of 90s Maiden.

What's he saying in the chorus bit there?

Shadows and/in the stars (?)
We will not return
Humanity won't save us
At The Speed of Light

I love that bit :)

Great solos. Another cool thrash can ending like El Dorado.

Bruce does this cool thing with his voice again in the last "NiiiIiiiight" that he did a lot on his two 90s albums :yes:

Overall, cool song :edmetal:

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It's going to take a few more listens before I can fully form an opinion on the song, but I can honestly say that this is the greatest video that I've ever seen from Maiden.


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I don't know how to tell this in english but it sound for me (with video) like nostalgia trip. I mean - lyrics from TFF but in their 80's style, Bruce doing stuff that I remember from live shows and old records. And the energy. It's like they get to the studio and someone said "ok, lets have some fun - we do what we want but please, record is as fast as you can before magic is gone".


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I'm just going to post all my thoughts on the song as well as the video here.

Definitely enjoying it, but not blown away. It’s a solid rocker with a lot of energy.

I love the music video. When I first saw the CGI Eddie, I was worried this was going to be another Wildest Dreams. But the minute we got to the 16 bit game, I new things were going to be okay.

During some of the verses, everything seems to add up to something just a little shy of being right. I don’t know how to explain it, I’m not a musician and I don’t have the vocabulary for these types of things. All I can say is, at moments it feels like less than the sum of it’s parts, because the parts although good, don’t quit fit together. Whether that’s from the mixing, vocal melody, or guitar melody, I couldn’t say.

  1. Cowbell.
  2. Bruce’s scream.
  3. The Deep Purple vibe.
  4. The overall energy.
  5. That intro.
  6. Production feels a step up from TFF.
  7. Nicko on top form.
  8. The Echo on Bruce’s voice gives me so much hope for this album.
  9. Did I mention the cowbell?
  1. Dave’s solo.
  2. Dave’s solo overlapping with the end of the chorus.
  3. The Lyrics are a bit cheese in the verses.
  4. Under utilization of the three guitars.
  5. “SSTTAARRSS!!” - Man that’s high, it kind of hurts the ears. (But also super impressive.)
  6. The two cockups. The first one around 2:17, the other after the solo.

As far as post-reunion singles go, it’s defiantly better than El Dorado, Different World, and Wildest Dreams. It will take time before I know how well it holds up against, Wicker Man, Silent Planet, Benny B, and Rainmaker.

Great initial analysis! For me on the fourth listen I can say that I prefer it to Wildest Dreams (but that's basically my least favorite Maiden song), El Dorado and Different World as well. I don't think it holds up against any of the others particularly well. Silent Planet and the Wicker Man are some of Maiden's all-time greats in my book and it's not on that level. But the overall sound and vibe is great, and like you said, it sounds a step up from Final Frontier in terms of production.
The video is a real treat though, loving it more and more with each watch!


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Well, I've warmed up to it. It's awesome.
I can also play it already! (I think). Really fun.


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The music video is great, I love the tributes to old games, especially Mortal Kombat and Doom.

Song itself is a good fast track, much like El Dorado. My hopes are high for this album.


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Weird thing, when you google Speed of Light Iron Maiden lyrics, it gives you this:

What did they say to you on that day
When you put your soul on the line
Did they promise you a golden future
Days filled with food and wine

But did you flinch and have your doubt
When they strapped you tightly in
Memory a faded photograph
They said you're going to win

Feel the surge
Resist the urge
It melds as one
at the speed of light
Beyond your darkest nightmare
at the speed of light
Leaving your old life behind

How fast can your heart beat
Not fast enough for this
Tick tick tick a system fail
A crucial time to miss

And now as life flies backwards
As you try to forge ahead
Can you forge a new horizon
Or does destiny offend

Feel the surge
Resist the urge
It melds as one
at the speed of light
Beyond your darkest nightmare
at the speed of light
Leaving your old life behind

Burnt in history the name we'll never see
But at least through time you're free

Which is obviously false. But I wonder if it's a snippet from another song from BoS?
I've listened to it 7 times so far and with each listen I find my self understanding the music and the feel of the song better. It's a solid space rocker!!!! that keeps growing on me with each listen. Musically and lyrically it could be part of The Final Frontier!!! The one thing that won't grow any further though I fear is definitely Dave's solo which I am sad to say is the most disappointing thing about the song. He is such a gifted and talented player.He ought to do so much better.Why Dave why!!!!???? 7/10 from me. Can't wait for the rest of the album


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A fine song. A heavy aroma of Deep Purple and a whiff of Metallica, my only slight frown being the little guitar run under the bridge which distracted me a little. But a minor quibble as the chorus nestles in my brain and will be there for a long time to come. :shred:


I agree it's a heavy homage to Deep Purple just as Different World was to Thin Lizzy. And just as Different World didn't offer us any clue as to the dark and complex journey that was ahead on AMOLAD I suspect the very same is true here. It always warms my heart to hear Dickinson hit and project tenor C (C5) so well like he does in the chorus of Speed of Light! Shadows in the Stttaaarrrrrrsssssssss!