Songs (albums) to ignore


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Tell me what songs you ignore by skipping them or which albums you ceased listening to.

Iron Maiden - I don't listen to this album anymore because of bad production (It really sounds dated).

Killers - 'Purgatory', 'Drifter'

The Number Of The Beast - none

Piece Of Mind - 'Sun And Steel'

Powerslave - none, although I hardly ever listen to the album.

Somewhere In Time - none

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - I don't remember when I last heard it...

No Prayer For The Dying - 'The Assassin', 'Hooks In You', 'Mother Russia', but I hardly ever listen to the album.

Fear Of The Dark -  I ignore this album flat-out

The X-Factor -  I ignore this album flat-out

Virtual XI -  I ignore this album flat-out

Brave New World -  'The Fallen Angel'

Dance Of Death -  'Wildest Dreams', 'New Frontier', 'Journeyman'

A Matter Of Life And Death - 'The Legacy'

The Final Frontier - 'Isle Of Avalon', 'Starblind'


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Iron Maiden: Same as Cosmic Eddie.
Killers: None
Number Of The Beast: None
Piece: Quest For Fire
Powerslave: None
Somewhere In Time: None
Seventh Son: None
No Prayer: It varies
Fear Of The Dark: I don't listen to this album. I only like 2 songs from it.
X Factor: I don't know, I haven't really listened to it much
Virtual XI: Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger
Brave New World: The last 3
Dance Of Death: Gates Of Tomorrow
AMOLAD: The Pilgrim
The Final Frontier: Usually I play the whole thing but if I skip it is usually the first 2 and The Talisman.


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I don't have any specific songs. I even skip some classics to get into the other songs.


When I put an album on I will nearly always listen to it all the way through, there are no tracks that I would deliberately avoid.

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Piece of mind: Quest for Fire
No Prayer for the Dying: The Assassin
Fear of the Dark: Chains of Misery
Brave New World: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
A Matter of Life and Death: The Pilgrim

When I had music on vinyl and cassette I did'nt ignore songs, but with the invention of CD and the MP3, it is really convenient to hit the skip button lol.


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Well, are there some I don't put into a playlist? Yes. When listening to an album? No. I don't skip any.


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Forostar said:

But sometimes I'm in the mood to listen to say, 4 or 5 songs from an album.
Then for example on the debut I'll listen to the first two and then Phantom->Strange World. On Dance of Death, if I'm just in the mood for a few songs, I'll go Rainmaker, NML, DoD, Paschendale, AoI and maybe Journeyman.

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LooseCannon said:
Well, are there some I don't put into a playlist? Yes. When listening to an album? No. I don't skip any.

Same for me as well. But like Yupz, I will quite often pick a handful of songs from one album, if I just want to listen to music for, say, half an hour.  Short playlists made out of 5-6 songs from one album are common.

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LooseCannon said:
Well, are there some I don't put into a playlist? Yes. When listening to an album? No. I don't skip any.

This. An album has its mood and you got to listen every song to get that.

Cosmiceddie said:
The Final Frontier - 'Isle Of Avalon', 'Starblind'



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Also none here.

I definitely have my not-very-favourite ones, which I listen to less then others, but when I play the whole album it has to be complete.


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There are certainly some that I listen to more than others. 

This weekend, I put the first album and related singles on the turn table and have to say those songs really rock.  It had been a while since I listened to them.


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The only album I don't listen to with any real regularity is Virtual XI.  All the other albums still get played lots and I don't skip tracks.


If I think longer on the matter I'm sure I can come up with more, but off the top of my head, the absolute worst offender for me is Judgement Of Heaven. I don't know of any other song on an Iron Maiden album that I truly hate... to the point where I will press the skip button every time.