Some rather pathetic Maiden (and other) vocal covers


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Placeholder for possible future projects (old shit below); I've managed to do some basic TAATG rhythm parts with my uke and there's some delicious opportunities with it, so... who knows. :D

Well, since I'm slowly but... well, not quite determinately, but somewhere along those lines, and more or less, probably less, seriously practicing singing, I gave a couple of Maiden (and Bruce) songs a shot. These are some very stripped down, "just making noise over the original song" takes, recorded while driving home from work etc. So excuse some background noise, cracks and all, and overall poor quality. I know this kind of stuff isn't excatly very beginner friendly, but it was kinda fun to try out something with these songs as well, in contrast to easier material I've occasionally meddled with.

I can't say I'm actually aspiring with this thing, but I'm trying to make myself sound somewhat sufferable to accompany my, similarly rather less serious attempts to play some songs with my Ukulele; I've managed to make much more progress with vocals actually, and I'm not sure how encouraging that is, haha... :D

My pitch is all over the place, if around at all, and I do mess up a couple of phrases completely.. :D Obviously, I can't really hit the notes that well, but a couple of these songs are on the easier side when it comes to that..

But yeah, feel free to give any kind of feedback! These are, as stated, technically pretty poor, but I tried to make things sound... at least something that might be "getting there." I also took some "liberties" with some things etc. But yeah, there you go. I tried to avoid attempts of "imitating" Bruce etc. I'll try to record something with a bit more appropriate equipment and environment relatively soon, we'll see...

You got to start somewhere, I suppose. :D

EDIT: alright, maybe I'll revisit this thing some day, but it was best to take those down for the sake of greater good :D
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