Senjutsu - Eight Months Later

el diablo

Educated Fool
I would absolutely love to see entire Senjutsu live.
Although Rush is my lifelong favorite band and I saw them around a dozen times, the greatest concert I've ever seen was the Yes Masterworks tour in 2000. The basic premise was: sorry casual fans, this one is packed with epics for the diehards.
Bloody brilliant. I want this from IM.


Found in a lost world
I got lost in the forest and it took me a long time to get back.
I listened to Senjutsu (the album) several times in a row and it didn't get boring or annoying.
That's the proof of quality for me.
If you had The Time Machine you could travel back to the time before you got lost ( in a lost world) :D


I love Senjutsu. The Darkest Hour is the only song that doesn't do much for me (even then, it's by no means a bad song). So many great moments and sweeping, uplifting guitar work that contrasts with the permeating feelings of doom and dread. Great stuff. Better than The Book of Souls and The Final Frontier for me.
After listening to it a nauseating amount last year I took a bit of a break and a bit of unintentionally from Maiden

Randomly listened to it again this week and has it on repeat since

I would put it 3rd/4th behind BNW and TBOS,AMOLAD

Wasn’t really a fan of TWOTW when it came out but absolutely love it now. Still really not a fan of Days of Future Past, death of the celts has grown on me a lot


Ancient Mariner
Top five songs?

Not sure I can choose five among the lot!

At a push I would say:

The Writing on the Wall
Hell on Earth
The Time Machine (or Death of the Celts)

Overall a weak effort (for Maiden; a solid album for other bands) if you ask me.


Ancient Mariner
No fucking way. Tedious and repetitive!
yeah I find the parchment too self indulgent , it just goes on and on and on and on and on plods along for near 13 minutes. it didnt need to be anywhere near that length.
One of the things I love about the all time classic Maiden epics is they always fit the time lengths, never outstayed there welcome or felt long because they kept you interested, where this one just comes across as long for the sake of being an 'epic' so it painfully drags .