Senjutsu - Eight Months Later


Ancient Mariner
Still the most consistent since AMOLAD. Not as daring as TFF and not the variety that was BOS. I'm still conflicted. I keep going back to this more than their other post Blaze stuff but it's hard to say it's better or worse than what came before it. This is the best "what do you think of this album?" album that Maiden has ever made though. I have no answer.


In the mire of an ancient swamp
Best album since Brave New World. Try as I might I could never get into Book of Souls but Senjutsu just hit that sweet spot for me. I think it’s a record that will age beautifully because the music they’ve made is timeless


I really like it. It does have its flaws (the vocals on certain songs, The Time Machine, and the "ding" in HOE comes to mind), but it is the most interesting album of the reunion era.


Educated Fool
I think it's the epitome of all their worst post-reunion habits but Hell On Earth is a great song.


Free Man
Fine album, third best of reunion era after AMOLAD, BNW.
7th in the catalogue overall.

The last 2 are timeless classics.


Found in a lost world
The best reunion album for me.
Right now it´s in my Top 3! Right after SIT and SSOASS with the heavy breathing of Powerslave in its neck. :)


Ancient Mariner
A good album, upper half of the discography for sure.

Favourite - The Writing On The Wall - Really fresh, catchy with amazing solos.

Least Favourite - Death of the Celts - Decent song but it doesn't stick with me.

Most Improved - The Parchment - I hated this on first listen but I was wrong. Fantastic song, one of the best the band has ever done.

Biggest Drop - Hell On Earth - This song was magical on first listen, especially the chorus. I still think the first half of the song is exceptional but I've realised I'm not crazy about the second half; it peaks too early for me.


Last Son of The Miracle
Easily the third best post-reunion album (after Brave New World - my favourite Maiden album - and AMOLAD), currently 6th best overall for me. Took a bit longer to grow on me than The Book of Souls, but after eight months I think I was pretty much done with that album outside of a few favourites, whereas I'm still not tired of Senjutsu. Even the weaker songs have many redeeming moments and I still find myself revisiting them.

If Bruce's comment about playing this album in full at smaller venues ever comes to fruition then I'll be there in a heartbeat, I really think it would be something incredible live.


Ancient Mariner
Good album, but not on par with their best reunion material.

Nevertheless, still way better than their 90s albums.


After the war?
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It's a great album that I still haven't stopped listening to regularly. I don't know where it is on my list or which albums it is better or worse than.


Ancient Mariner
9 months after, I would say finally that this album is very good, but not their best in post-reunion era. 'Brave New World' and 'A Matter Of Life And Death' are far better. Even 'Dance Of Death' is one level above it.