Senjutsu charts position


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The loss of the #1 spot in the UK can be put down to how poorly its sold compared to the last few which is a shame


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So what was the sales margin between Book of Souls and Senjutsu then?


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So what was the difference between Book of Souls and Senjutsu then?
Most people stopped buying records. CD shipments slumped by 75 % from 2015 to 2020 in the U.S for example. And streaming does not favour Maiden's type of music in chart calculations. It takes a long time to listen through Senjutsu, but it's still just counted as 10 streams. Drake can achieve that number a lot easier.
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There is no point looking at this in absolute numbers. The sales dropped for everyone.


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Just compared to TBOS really. It sold about the same with TFF and better than the previous, post-reunion, ones. Still the drop from TBOS is shocking.

It is, especially considering the multiple formats for collectors they have released this time round.