Senjutsu charts position


Uniformly distributed hostility
Here's a piece of trivia - Sweden is the country with the most consecutive #1 albums, all reunion albums went straight to the top.
Also apart from Killers which was their chart debut on #44 and VXI on #16, everything else went to top 10.

Sam Brige

Yeah, correct. Nightwish landed at no.5 on physical sales charts and did fairly better than debut of Smith/Kotzen in US. Anyhow, my point is that Nightwish is not a very popular band even by Metal/Hard Rock standards. Their best certification is just one Platinum in Germany. Not even a single Gold/Silver album in UK, Italy or France, let alone the other parts of the world in a career spanning 25 years. I know they are very big in their homeland Finland, Germany and some parts of Europe, but that's it, they don't have much impact & influence elsewhere.

Once and Dark passion play have both sold over 2 million copies each worldwide. Not bad for a symphonic metal band from Finland.

The Drifter

Maiden Forever
What about South America charts? Brazil and Argentina and Mexico? And what's the deal with Maiden in the US? It seems they go on the charts there for one week and then that's it. But then they go to play concerts there and it's packed....
I truly don't understand what happens to Maiden in the US....