Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


Pica Serdica
how can you not have enthusiasm about the band's new material and still hang around for decades?
Eternal optimism in my case I guess, and loyalty.
The reason I was saddened by @Mosh 's post is that it gave me a huge Manowar vibe ("Go find a forum for a band you actually like (of course I know a lot of these folks just like the attention)" / "Wimps and posers, leave the hall"); and of course my response was tongue-in-cheek not unlike this one:
No need to be rude you know.
I don't think you need any of those explanations druže Zare, but just in case.


Thanks for sharing that as i haven't watched it for a long long time. Still quite relevant to how they write and record.
There's been some cool points about the structuring and arranging of songs, especially about Steve's post reunion stuff, or maybe really since FOD onwards. About the cut + paste of ideas. It's something Metallica do as well, and its actually a fairly well used songwriting tactic. They do have to work together though. However, Steve has been doing it from day one. Even take Phantom, which is very cut and paste if you analyse it. He even said, he composed it out of many different parts. So nothing new really. I do think Metallica do it quite badly tbh. u know their riff tapes....Lars assembling them into things that might be in the same ball park. Its quite obvious on their later records.....many songs have so many 'parts' that it starts to dilute their identity. Its an interesting topic


Ancient Mariner
Well, ''The Pilgrim'' has Arabic/Eastern vibes. I can see ''Stratego'' to contain some Japanese-style melodies.

btw, ''The Pilgrim'' was a mixture of two parts of two different songs (according to Janick). Steve turned them into one song.

Damn yeah. Completely forgot about that Making of feature for AMOLAD. That one time they actually let us into the studio/recording process.

Travis The Dragon

I think the album will be great (I'm sure it will be). I mean, how many times they've said something like that for an album:

Bruce: ''The last time I heard it was when Steve was mixing the Mexico live album. He hadn’t listened to it for ages, so we put it on and both went, ‘This is really good… wow!''

They listen to it since 2019... (not Bruce, it seems wow). It's been 2 years and they forgot about it - but with only two copies (one on Steve's laptop and one locked away in a vault somewhere) is understandable. :D

Btw, isn't it strange that only Bruce and Steve have actually heard the final, finished, mixed and mastered product?
We can all be certain that the only leak of the album will be when stores get it in within a week of the release date.

Iron Lurker

Ancient Mariner
We can all be certain that the only leak of the album will be when stores get it in within a week of the release date.
I will be at a convention when the album is released so I also pre ordered on iTunes so I can listen during the weekend. I may have to bite the bullet and wait though because I really would prefer my first listen to not be on my phone.


Uniformly distributed hostility
I'm not following this...

I don't think you need any of those explanations druže Zare, but just in case.

I am not judging anyone, let alone you in the slightest. What I feel is that with myself, I would be less enthustiastic. So I'm using my own personal feelings and experiences as an example. As we tend to do. It was also more of a question than a judgemental statement you know...


Educated Fool
You know what the best part about Senjutsu is?
It's meaning. War & Tactics. And you know who was a great tactical leader? Alexander. Alexander who?

Alexander the Great confirmed next tour
Sorry to interrupt your joke lol, but Alexander was not a great tactical leader tho. @Perun made an article about this in another thread.

Iron Lurker

Ancient Mariner
Following a band you don’t like for 30 years out of loyalty? Wow.

I give a band 3 bad albums before I have to be convinced to listen to them again.
I was not a fan of the Blaze era at the time and I was hoping album 3 would turn things around for me. Thankfully Bruce and H came back and all was right with the world again…I’ve since learned to appreciate the X Factor much more but Virtual remains my least favorite Maiden album.
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