Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


Alchemist / The Rose of Paracelsus
Thoughts after reveal. Eddie looks good/great, but basically is another the Trooper Eddie incarnation. If I would be in a position of choosing, I would choose ancient Babylon, not ancient Japan. Letters on cover looks very metal and "edgy". Not so keen on album's name and another black background. Little bit worried about lack of short songs :oops: I hope that Harris epics lyrics will tell a story and will not be some philosophical reflecttions.
And I said that there will be no Murray song :D
Overall excited, now let's wait for the important part. The Music itself.


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Darkest Hour, a potential Smith/Dickinson epic, longest song prior to that from that pair was 2 Minutes to Midnight I think??


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I can tell "The Time Machine" will be my favorite song of the album. Also super excited about the title track. I hope H and Harris created another gem like Paschendale
Me too! I do hope the chorus will be something different:

a time machine, in a time machine
a time machine, in a time machine

in a time machine, a time machine
in a time machine, a time machine



Ancient Mariner

1 of those Harris epics will be a top 5 song from him

2 will be great songs (on par with FTGGOG and WTWWB)

1 will be repetitative chorus fest


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I like Samurai Eddie quite a lot more than I expected to, based on the CGI version from TWOTW. I wish his face was a little less brutal, but the grimace here is far more natural than it was on the CGI guy. The detail work in the gusoku is really stellar by Wilkinson, as is the crest on the kabuto.