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''Speed Of Light'' peaked at #18.

''The Writing On The Wall'' is at #9 (so far).

Because they like short commercial songs, right?
No, because it is extremely easy to get to n.1 of billboard these days and Maiden have the fanbase to easily achieve it, unless something extremely popular releases that week.


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Over the years I've very much come to the conclusion that a lot of Iron Maiden fans typically take the band more seriously than the band itself. I know I've certainly fallen into this trap sometimes myself, but at least I'm not the type of guy who's ranting and raving in YouTube comments how Janick prancing around ruins everything or what have you.


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My god, you people probably don't have a laugh at anything in your lives. Bruce was teasing you, exactly you, with the bananas because people descended into nerd rage over the monkey line. And I just don't understand what's so bad about it in the first place.

It's a monkey, innit? That's not metal!!!!111


The verses and the bridge are vocally SO intense.
And not to mention Adrian's solo. Possibly my favourite guitar solo of the album, and one of my top 5 solos of the whole new era. There's a lot of Hendrix, in there. And I've been getting the chills for 11 years, now. Every listen blows me away like the first time. Adrian is spot on, there. Less than 20 seconds, yet there's a world of good taste and influences in it.
Just been listening back to MOM with all this discussion. I find TFF album still growing in my ratings. It has come up somewhat whereas BOS has dropped a bit for me. A little funny thing I just noticed...some of you probably noticed this already....but on the MOM remaster on YouTube, right as the song ends...there is a very audible mouse click. Its definitely not the instruments or Nicko....its someone (Kevin?) at the computer clicking on a mouse :facepalm::bigsmile: Ok its on all versions of the track. How have I not noticed this b4?
God forbid they try and have a little fun on stage. I’d rather them not take themselves too seriously like some bands. Bands that have these “oh so evil “ get ups like Behemoth. To me that’s cringe…
Right? Some people on here need to get the stick out their ass. It's only cringe if you take yourself way too seriously.

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2017 Book of Souls tour was my brother's first-ever Maiden show (rock/metal show at that) and he thought Bruce's antics in Death or Glory were quite humorous in the moment. There was no "That's stupid, why the hell did you bring me to this?" moment out of the ordeal. Wasn't even a topic of conversation after the show.


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''Lost In A Lost World'' is a strange title, isn't it?

I mean, if a world is lost and you get there somehow, then you will be lost too - it's understood.

Only ''Lost World'' would have been good too. Btw, British Lion have a song called ''Lost Worlds'' in their debut album.

Edit: it's like SIASL, I guess.
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I can't see BOS a classic of the new era like many of you guys here in this forum. BOS is my least favorite since the reunion, despite I love IESF e EOTC very much (thanks Bruce).


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Reunion Ranking Order:

(That's The Correct Order™ and everything to the contrary is simply wrong)
My first two are the same as yours, but I'm not sure how I'd rank the next three. As of right now, it's AMOLAD-TBOS-TFF-DOD-BNW.

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Looking forward to the, according to Steve, long, complex tracks that needed a lot of time to sound right. Sounds great to me. I have to get used to the album title, was expecting (and would prefer) Writing On The Wall or Belshazzar’s Feast. Also, I prefer the inside booklet art to the album cover.
Is the Kerrang Bruce interview the only one he’s going to give for the album — “ the only interview” — do I get this right??