Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

We’ve been able to extract an execerpt of Stratego’s lyrics from the images. Can I post it here or it would be considered as a spoiler?

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
These are the lyrics to it that I can make out from the promos:

How do you read a madman's mind?
Teach me the art of war
For I shall bring more
Than you bargained for

Give me an ultimatum
That I could not dream of
Spills of a crying nation
Upon my soul

Based on the structure of the lines I'm thinking there will be some serious groove to it.

(If a mod needs me to take this down I can.)


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You can post lyrics from the photos. They were posted officially by the band and clearly they aren’t bothered by the lyrics being visible.

We don’t have spoiler rules around the content of an album, but as long as I can remember people have used spoiler tags around things like lyrics and informed song descriptions as a courtesy to members who don’t want that information.


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Anybody has sensible ideas, why on post reunion albums there's no 100% hit songs in terms of fast rockers? Exception The Wickerman and Death or Glory (very fun live). I can't understand it. On every classic album there was minimum one standout rocking song. Main songwriters for those type of songs was Steve and Adrian. Adrian to this day tries to write a good banger (in colab with Bruce), but Steve, on other hand.. He lost this ability? Not interested anymore? But.. but his short songs vere GREAT: RTTH, TT, AH. Soon we will hear Stratego, will it be any good. To me Steve in some ways has been stuck in long songs routine. Yes, if long song is good - great, but variation would be very welcomed.


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Ugh, can't access the page without being a FC member. Would love to know everything that's in it.
They did not shoe what was in it, but looks like the "regular" deluxe edition in a better box, an autographed print (by the artist, not the band), a subu, some kind of teak Eddie stamp, and some other art stuff. Not 100% sure what is in this that is not in the "regular one" and what is in both but upgraded in this one. A typed list would be handy instead of this guy talking about it