Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

Iron Lurker

Ancient Mariner
Yeah, that's the only bonus content in the box I'm kinda interested in, and that's hardly worth 100€. Give it a year or two and the Blu-ray bonus features will have a permanent residence on YouTube anyway.
I'm with you, Perun. I would be getting the Super Deluxe box just for the blu-ray and it seems there's not enough there for me to justify the $126 price. The other stuff would just sit in the box. Now depending on what the FC exclusive will have I may have to shell out for that (have to join the FC first though, Lol)


Ancient Marinade
Anyone get some news on the FC box set? I'm in the FC and don't want to miss my opportunity to spring on this overpriced burden of a purchase. (Just kidding, i'm a collector, I collect. I collect tears and debt.)


The Angel Of The Odd
Someone put out this edit earlier. I don't mind the current minimalist approach that they have to the backgrounds since The Book of Souls, but the background games and staring myself blind on them is a factor of me having fallen in love with the art related to Iron Maiden in the first place.
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I like this much better that the original (which is not bad at all anyway)


Alchemist / The Rose of Paracelsus
So, Hell On Earth lyrically will be more whining about how fked up the today's world is? No storytelling, just more ramblings from good old Steve, and struggling Bruce? :facepalm: I sure hope not.

Niall Kielt

Ancient Mariner
No pre orders for this chap. Like someone else mentioned, I love goin to the shop on release day and feelin the excitement build as I approach home. Although even that may not happen this time. Im likely goin to a festival on the 3rd amd may not even get to hear it til the 5th or 6th. If it goes that way, it will be the first time since 95 that I haven't purchased and listened on release day.


The Angel Of The Odd
It's just me, or the left hand grip is completely off? Seems like punching the grip rather like holding it.

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 22.31.01.png


Back From The Edge
This shit Eddie tshirt is called "back cover" on the official web store so presumable it's on the real album


This is as ugly as it gets. :puke:


The Angel Of The Odd
You clearly don't like the new effort, not the song not the t-shirt.. I pretty much enjoy both