Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


Sound of distant drums
Album is ready for pre-order in polish shops but price is killing me. Box is around 600pln + delivery. For 600pln it's possible to rent room in my city for a month. Oh and delivery will be scheduled for a week after album release.


Ancient Mariner
For sure I will buy the Deluxe Book Version - I have to finish the collection (and because it looks great)... I wish every CD album of Maiden was released in this book version.

The Special Edition Box Set looks pretty awesome too. I'll probably wait to see what it contains.

True, but I said fast short rockers (i.e. 3-4 minutes).
Cool, I will also pick up the Deluxe Book and one of the vinyl-editions. Im affraid that the FC-exclusive boxset will cost too much. But have to wait and see..


Out of the Silent Planet
Another bald Eddie... looks pretty evil (with the helmet looks better imo). It seems Wilkinson wants Eddie to be bald. :p

Hope this will not be the big Eddie for the album tour - should be with the helmet.


Ancient Mariner
jaysus, silver LP is 90 quid on!

Iron better have some competively priced bundles.


Ordered the 2cd Deluxe Book Version. Looks amazing with the three other Versions. But I had to order it from another Shop than Amazon because not available at Amazon. I hope they deliver on time. Can't wait
Just wanted to say that Maiden got some exposure on the biggest TV morning show in Sweden today. They talked about the political messages in TWOTW and showed a clip from it and briefly mentioned the new album. Nice to see mainstream media hopping onto the train as well.
Which show? Link?