Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

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Sooo the blu ray does have the video single TWOTW in 7.1? That's gonna be sick cause it can be downmixed.
Here's a demo of what I did with No More Lies (5.1->2.0):
My 5.1-->2.0 downmix of Dance of Death was my go-to version for a long time. Now it's neck-and-neck with the vinyl reissue from a couple years ago. I didn't mess with it, just used Handbrake's default algorithm to rip the DVD-Audio, as I recall. Sounds good, but it literally is a remix -- sounds quite different than the original at times -- and overcomes to some extent the muddiness of the Caveman stereo mix.
Line-up not complete; also includes Metallica, Kiss, D-A-D,
Wait, is that for real? Priest, Maiden, Metallica, Mercyful Fate and Opeth? That is a MONSTROUS lineup.
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What does senjutsu mean?​

The meaning of senjutsu may be familiar to those who have studied Japanese martial arts – jujitsu, or jiu-jitsu, being popular in the UK, US and elsewhere. Judo and mixed martial arts are derivatives of techniques borrowed from jujitsu.

Jutsu literally translates to “skills” or “techniques”. Traditionally, these are the “arts” a ninja employs in battle. Alternative translations of jutsu include “method”, “spell” and “trick”.

It can be paired with numerous prefixes, including “ju-” as above, but also “ba-” (bajutsu is a form of military equestrianism, or horse riding) and “kyu-” (kyujutsu is the art of archery).

The many meanings of senjutsu​

Iron Maiden’s press release defines senjutsu loosely as “tactics and strategy”. Senjutsu is also a theme of the Manga series Naruto, which holds that its literal meaning is “sage techniques” – in the series, it is a field of jutsu that involves only the use of natural energy.

In different contexts, the Japanese word “sen” can mean different things. Discussing Chihiro’s journey in Spirited Away, Roger Ebert critic Jana Monji writes that it means a thousand.

WordHippo, meanwhile, translates “sen” as “war”. And, corroborating this, in a subreddit about the meaning of senjutsu, one user claims its meaning is simply “Art of War”.

Some words, terms and phrases don’t translate directly into other languages. Senjutsu – whether its meaning is “sage techniques”, “art of war”, “tactics and strategy” or something like “the method of using natural energies to defeat your opponent” – is one of those.



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Black vinyl a bit more manageable at €43.

I was expecting the cost of the vinyls to be about €75 or thereabouts for all 3 looks like that was about €100 off.

Box set is €100 on emp as well, which is again over priced for a CD and a video and some fluff. I was expecting about €75

Brexit kicks in.


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So have to you already prepared and decided what version(s) you're going to order?
For sure I will buy the Deluxe Book Version - I have to finish the collection (and because it looks great)... I wish every CD album of Maiden was released in this book version.

The Special Edition Box Set looks pretty awesome too. I'll probably wait to see what it contains.
Just a thought : a 5+ minute song CAN be a fast rocker.
True, but I said fast short rockers (i.e. 3-4 minutes).


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Some new tshirts up on EMP, album cover one looks good but there's a few shit Eddies as well