Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

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the only Priest song i think it could be somewhat like is The Sentinel from DOTF but even then not really so I can't really see the comparison unless it sounds like something from Jugulator/Demolition but i don't remember those albums. If anything the song puts me in mind of early 90's Sepultura
The first verse for some reason makes me think of All Guns Blazing..


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I maintain that the video for Virus was Maiden at rock bottom. Their absolute career low point. Ground zero for everything that went wrong for them in the 90's. And yes, it did make them a laughing stock.

Imagine one of the biggest metal bands of all time reduced to a zero budget video shot on a mate's camcorder. They all look embarrassed to be there. Except Steve, he probably thought it was amazing.

But yeah, if you seriously watched the professionally done, skillfully animated and fully narrative video for Stratego and thought "I'd much rather be watching crash-zooms of an embarrassed looking Maiden in a poorly lit cellar" then you need your nugget examined.

videos with band members in it > cartoons


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Every Blaze era Maiden song he did live in his solo band was better than it was on the albums.
Slightly off-topic, but is there a list of Maiden songs he's covered on official live albums (not counting the acoustic covers here)? I'm catching up on his solo career but haven't gotten all albums yet.

From what I've seen:
Sign Of The Cross, Lord Of The Flies, Man On The Edge, Look For The Truth, The Edge Of Darkness
Futureal, The Angel And The Gambler, The Clansman, When Two Worlds Collide

Am I missing anything?


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Didn’t hear the Senjutsu Priest connection before but sure, I could definitely hear Halford singing it and Scott Travis playing a heavy double kick pattern under it.


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You guys are mental, the Priest song on this album is definitely Days of Future Past. The solo sounds straight out of the Painkiller album.