Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

Finally figured out what the title track (vaguely) reminds me of - The Longest Day. Both have ominous intros with a cool build up. The difference here is that Senjutsu's chorus fits a bit better - it's more melancholy and reflective versus being overly joyful like TLD.

I have melodies from basically every song pop into my head at random, it's awesome. Songs that I was iffy on at first (Lost World, Celts) have become some of my favorites.

I love this album and am super thankful that we have it to play on repeat for years on end!
Nice surprise! I totally forgot about that Adult Swim rumour and it turns out to be true. Can't wait. The images look intriguing.

Gee, thanks, I feel seen.


Days of Future Past ... again, the chorus reminds me of another track, I have it on the tip of my tongue... and I fail, but maybe I'll find it identified somewhere here in the comments and reactions. However, let me stress I really love the verse, the vocal melody and ... well, inflection there, and the cooldown before the third minute is a nice touch.

Overall, probably a throwaway track, all things considered, it's not gonna be anyone's favourite, but where TBOS had River, which I loved and Death or Glory, which I hated, this album already has a short track that I'm absolutely crazy about (Stratego) and a nice, good one. So the score's just better, you know?
It probably reminds you of The Book of Thel ;)