Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


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From the title track lyrics:
''Survive on ledges bitten in dust
Knowledge and virtue is stricken by lust
Really believe that they're coming for us
Dancing on graves
Of those who bled for us

from Hell On Earth lyrics:
''You dance on the graves who bled for us
Do you really think they'll come for us
Knowledge and virtue taken by lust
Live on the edge of those that you trust

Nice trick, Steve! :applause:
Nice catch! And indeed, very Steve.

I have not had a chance to dive into the lyrics much yet, but I take it “defending the wall” in the title track is a metaphor for the more real-world battles explored in Hell on Earth?

I like.


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Bruce has said that Senjutsu would be a great song to start the show (and I agree). You can find the source here:

I really do hope they do it live. It's probably my favourite song on the album.


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Which is the most classic sounding song in the album? I would say: Stratego, DOFP, Hell On Earth or The Parchment.


I LOVE the whole album. It's an utter fucking masterpiece of modern Maiden.

EXCEPT.... Yep, Death of the Celts is.... Well, it's pointless. It's this album's Quest for Fire.

It's so unimaginative and derivative. It's the kind of song an AI would come up with if you trained it to write Steve Harris style songs. The music, the length, the lyrics... It's really, really bad.

I'm not even ripping this one. I'm going to listen to Senjutsu without it. This is a one disc album.

The other three 'Arry songs are FANTASTIC thankfully. Every one of them. The intro of Lost in a Lost World I could listen to over and over.

It's a fucking great album, it REALLY is.

Except for this one completely pointless, plodding, by the numbers song. "Riffs" that are just major scales up and down. In the middle he doesn't even know what to do, so he just throws in an area for back to back to back to back to back solos.

Even Bruce sounds fucking bored.

There's something you must all understand here:

I genuinely believe I am the world's biggest Maiden fanatic. I know everyone thinks they are, but I really believe I am. If it's Maiden history, it's my history. Everything from song structures to limited edition vinyls, original pressings, you name it, I've collected it over the years.

I'm the guy that, although I have loads of interests and hobbies and various talents, if you asked anyone at all what my single most defining thing is about me from childhood onwards, the answer would be "Iron Maiden".

I'm that guy.

So for me to write the above about Death of the Celts, it takes a lot. Don't underestimate how it makes me feel to write what I've written.

For me, writing that is a big fucking deal. A BIG fucking deal.

Death of the Celts is completely unnecessary, and someone, be it Kevin, Bruce, H, whoever - someone SHOULD have told him the song is crap, and will bring down the overall quality of the album.

It needed to be done.

I mean he's knocked it out of the park with the other three, so it wouldn't have hurt, but Death of the Celts is probably the worst track they've ever recorded for an album.

It's simply boring and redundant.
Literally word for word what I've been saying about celts on various forums..its worse than angel gambler for me..this is where harris becomes a major problem and dare I say the weak link..shouldn't be penning songs on his own.. the rest of the album is top class even if its a bit bloated
Only been able to listen to the album a couple of times so far properly but Death of the Celts was my least favourite

really surprised how many people prefer it over the clansman

if they include 4 from this in lotb i’d like to see the two singles, hell on earth and title track


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Bruce has said that Senjutsu would be a great song to start the show (and I agree). You can find the source here:

He directly said it will be a great set opener here.
Thanks, missed this one. I have a hard time seeing it, not that I dislike the song but it would be a different way to open a Maiden concert. Last time they had an unconventional opener (Sign of the Cross), they didn’t open with it. But if Bruce says so, seems like that’s what they’re going to do!


Which is the most classic sounding song in the album? I would say: Stratego, DOFP, Hell On Earth or The Parchment.
Stratego for sure! 100% Maiden, but at the same time it doesn't sound like a copy of another song or a band trying too hard to make a hit. It's just them, they still got it and the song sounds totally authentic and honest.


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If they gonna play 4 songs from new album on LOTB tour, for sure they will drop some rare songs like WED, FTGGOG, SOC or Clansman.

I dont like that idea of LOBT with new songs, I was hoping that we will get some big suprises for last leg like FOI, but playing new songs and after that the same songs will be played on Senjutsu world tour it is not so special to me.

The best thing will be if they just rebrand to Senjutsu tour but for some reason that is not possible.