Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


Yer Mum Can't Come
I see where you come from. I particularly likes the extra bits in the background. Tiny guitar licks that make the song sound fuller and less stiff.
Yeah, it's a good performance absolutely! Talented players with a good sound.
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Educated Fool
Ahh it's like waiting to be released from prison (which I don't really have any experience in). I expect the CD to arrive in the mail in the next three hours but I can see the play button on Spotify in front of me. Tranquility. Endurance. Patience.


Sound of distant drums
If there's one thing that, for me, represents ZERO added value, it's a load of pictures printed on glossy paper. I mean I can do that at home for pennies.
Well, for me this has some added value. This build a little bit vibe for the album. However this also looks a little bit cheap. If I have to choose 'go cheap' or 'don't do it at all' I always choose 'Don't do it at all'. But I can see why some fans would be more than happy with this edition. For me deluxe boxset is cool enough.


How much was this again??

Dood doesnt look committed enuff to the Band lol

The rolled up Scroll looked like a leaflet advertisement out of a Newspaper. I would of expected nothing less than like a Birth Certificate of Senjutsu dood in Japan thousands of years ago, with Braille 3D carvings you can feel complete with a treasure map to his Golden Sword hidden in the Volcano of Mt Fujiyama.

Ripped Off! :oops:


Mr. Blue Sky
It's much better than some of the prices I've seen for boxsets. Granted, I'll be getting a duplicate booklet but that has already been taken care of and I'll get the missing booklet some time after.


Yer Mum Can't Come
Some songs yes, some others not so much. But, I need to listen to the album several times to have an opinion. But, one thing is sure : "Death Of The Celts" is not a great track.

And what about you ?
I LOVE the whole album. It's an utter fucking masterpiece of modern Maiden.

EXCEPT.... Yep, Death of the Celts is.... Well, it's pointless. It's this album's Quest for Fire.

It's so unimaginative and derivative. It's the kind of song an AI would come up with if you trained it to write Steve Harris style songs. The music, the length, the lyrics... It's really, really bad.

I'm not even ripping this one. I'm going to listen to Senjutsu without it. This is a one disc album.

The other three 'Arry songs are FANTASTIC thankfully. Every one of them. The intro of Lost in a Lost World I could listen to over and over.

It's a fucking great album, it REALLY is.

Except for this one completely pointless, plodding, by the numbers song. "Riffs" that are just major scales up and down. In the middle he doesn't even know what to do, so he just throws in an area for back to back to back to back to back solos.

Even Bruce sounds fucking bored.

There's something you must all understand here:

I genuinely believe I am the world's biggest Maiden fanatic. I know everyone thinks they are, but I really believe I am. If it's Maiden history, it's my history. Everything from song structures to limited edition vinyls, original pressings, you name it, I've collected it over the years.

I'm the guy that, although I have loads of interests and hobbies and various talents, if you asked anyone at all what my single most defining thing is about me from childhood onwards, the answer would be "Iron Maiden".

I'm that guy.

So for me to write the above about Death of the Celts, it takes a lot. Don't underestimate how it makes me feel to write what I've written.

For me, writing that is a big fucking deal. A BIG fucking deal.

Death of the Celts is completely unnecessary, and someone, be it Kevin, Bruce, H, whoever - someone SHOULD have told him the song is crap, and will bring down the overall quality of the album.

It needed to be done.

I mean he's knocked it out of the park with the other three, so it wouldn't have hurt, but Death of the Celts is probably the worst track they've ever recorded for an album.

It's simply boring and redundant.


Ok I just found the songs on Youtube and played them all thru my puter and logitech speakers.

And...I understand why those guys are so fit! They luv to just stand around and...ya know, tap the strings on their guitars or hammer a few skins, and this is the result of lotsa of standing around I rekon...tapping and banging :shred:maybe a bit of moaning from Bruce as Nicko jabs his knee reflexs.

Looking forward to getting a CD copy.

Still to this date, I think Live After Death is the ULTIMATE Fkn Album of any Band! Ever! With all songs on it blowing the originals away! Up The Irons :okok: