Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


Educated Fool
Oof china, makes sense, they even get DNS poisoning there. So they have satellite internet from a Norwegian provider?
No, I am on vessel, so our company is taking NOR provider.

But you can connect only one device and give them your MAC adress, no downloads and any tricky content allowed.


Yer Mum Can't Come
Have you heard what they said on YouTube today?
Have you heard what is coming to us all?
That the wait for the album will be coming to an end
Have you heard? Have you heard?

He sees the leaks faked, when the dickhead Tubers troll
He could feel tension in the comments here
He would look to Shazam and see an old song now
How Does the channel survive somehow?

Google: "There's nothing can be done about the situation"
They said there's nothing they can do at all
To sit and wait around for bans to occur
Did you know? Did you know?

As he stares at the CD shelf looking at The Book of Souls
And wonders if he'll ever play it again
The desperation of the situation getting graver
Getting ready when Senjutsu rolls...

Have you seen what they said on YouTube today?
Have you heard the fake leaks from the trolls?
Do they know what they do to just every one of us?
Have you heard? Have you heard?

There should be a castration the likes we've never seen
There should be something that will end their lies
So their channels as we know it it will never be the same
Did you know? Did you know?

He carries everything into the bedroom not a fuss
Getting ready when Senjutsu comes
He has enough supplies to last them for a year or two
Good to have because you never know

They tell us nothing that we don't already know about
They tell us nothing that is real at all
They only fill us with the stuff that they want
Did you know? Did you know?

He's nearly finished with the preparations for the day
He's getting tired that'll do for now
They are preparing for Senjutsu to come to them
Getting ready when the wild wind blows

He sees the fake leak on YouTube it's falling down
Upside down
He sees a teardrop from his wife roll
down her face
Saying Grace

Remember songs they had they flash right through his mind
Left behind
Of Writing on the Wall, seems so long ago
And Stratego

They've been preparing for some weeks now
For when the crucial moment comes
To take their refuge in the bedroom
Let them prepare for what will come

They make a tea and sit there waiting
They're in the bedroom feeling snug
Not long to wait the album's coming
Don't make a fuss just sit and wait

Can't believe all the lying
All the screens are denying
That the moments of truth have begun
Can't you see it on YouTube?
Don't believe them in the least bit
Now the days of our Senjutsu have begun

Listen again when it's all over
All the fans unite all as one
Got to try and help each other
Got the will to overcome

I can't believe all the lying
All the screens are denying
That the songs of Senjutsu have begun
Can't you see it on YouTube?
Don't believe them in the least bit
Now the days of Senjutsu have begun

When they found them had their arms wrapped around each other
Their Special Editions laying near by their clothes
The day they both mistook Attick Demons for Senjutsu

Just another dickhead YouTube troll...


Ancient Mariner
4 days to go and on friday I can finally listen to the album in full. At last, I've waited for this moment like the rest of you here.

I have never spoiled anything and so I've never listened any prelistenings or leaks (as my main method with any new Maiden is to only listen to the vinyl or cd on the release date), but I have to say that this is great because the album still hasn't leaked so they've kept it nicely under the wraps.


Stranger in a Strange Board
I'm a grumpy person in general. But the last week and this one I'm getting pissed off when someone asks me a simple question. Thanks Steve, your fault


Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
It's not fun to listen to the album the same time as everyone else. If we care that much...we should have some benefits too,haha!


Ancient Mariner
One reason for that it hasn't leaked yet is that the internet in the western world is a lot more regulated now than in 2015 or 2010....some sites are blocked for many people, you need to pay for VPN to access some parts of the web these days.

Your local record store owner or customer doesn't care enough to purchase VPN.