Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


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Can one make some cash from uploading the leak? Like .. you don't pay for torrents anyway. What can be their motivation to put oneself at risk of being found out and punished?
Motivation? Well, speaking as someone who's visited quite a few dens of piracy, it's quite simple. They want the album, they want to share it with other people, and I'd be lying if I said bragging rights weren't an occasional factor. That's about all there is to it.


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I was just thinking. Back when I played Fifa, I could go to a guy at the local store ( which are selling games, toys and cds) and I'd get it 2-3 days beforehand under the table. But I'm afraid to ask for the album


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I was 15 when The Number of the Beast came out

I like BOS too, though some songs could benefit from some trimming.
Cheers mate, totally with you on that one. I'm waiting for a new generation of Maidenfans to arise so I don't feel like I'm one of the youngest anymore :D


This whole leak discussion has become so pointless lol

It's simple to me, whoever wants to hear it should hear it (if they already preordered of course) and who doesn't shouldn't. No need to keep talking about it all the time when we're just 7 days to go.
Yes the key to me has always been “as long as you’ve ordered the album.” Bruce even said this himself before DoD came out in 2003.


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Maiden could release another song this weekend, would calm down people till 3rd September.
Wouldn’t bet on it. Don’t think they’ve released 3 songs before an album drop? Not in recent (20+) years at least. Glad to be proven wrong though :)
For now it is:
“Meanwhile we play the waiting game”

Edit: there was some sort of official leak when AMOLAD came out wasn’t it? Can’t remember the details…
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How can someone even listen to a leak? I really dont understand. Just wait... its 7 days left. People gotta learn how to appreciate the wait for things and the anticipation that comes with waiting and counting down. Feels like its all forgetton these days. Go out and do something.
Fuck that I want to hear it now. And I'm not going out to do anything when it's 95 degrees.

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I understand everyone’s chomping at the bit to hear the new album but I really hope there is no leak. Why? Mainly because Maiden would prefer it not. Yes, 99.999999% of us here are buying the album regardless, multiple formats even…I will just wait hoping it will hit iTunes at 12am.