Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


The Angel Of The Odd
- I might be misremembering this, but I feel like this is the shortest time between an album announcement and a release date in the reunion era. A month-and-a-half-wait is very reasonable for a crazy fan like me. Often, I'm hoping for a few singles before an album drops, but I really don't think I'll need another to get me to the finish line this time.

On the other side this is by far the longest time between an album completion and release so there's that ;)


As foreseen by yours truly in this forum weeks and weeks ago, the longest track on the new album doesn't exceed the 13 minutes.

I'm so hyped for this.
That Eddie is so savage...

One of the best Maiden album covers of all times.
Maiden always take a step forward.

Another black blackground with no details.
Pretty much unexpected, for the second time in a row, after TBOS, but there we go...

I'm not the biggest fan of the word 'Senjutsu'.
NOT for the concept and the choice. But for how it sounds, not being japanese myself. Anyway, there are a lot of better sounding words in that language, as well. But if they needed that expression, I'm ok with that. I'll get used to it, of course!
I see Bruce running around the riser with a Katana... the imagery is growing on me

So based off this Samarui theme, surely they're debuting Flash of the Blade or The Duelists on this next tour;)
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The Angel Of The Odd
That is a very good point.

If someone asked me if we were getting new Maiden back in May, though, I would've said next year after the LOTB tour concluded. I fully expected the wait to be much longer, honestly.

Other people too, thought same. But on the other hand, how long can one wait to release a finished album? 2 years seems already too long, one is different person after 2 years.

It would be interesting to rework the album, make new arrangements on existing songs, record new ones.. That would be completely out of the ordinary for Maiden and I understand the logistics also this is a job for them but still.

Iron Lurker

Ancient Mariner
Maybe I'm stupid but why waste Blu-Ray for 6 minutes video? It's not like I can't play it on my phone or TV from YT and DVD still exist.
Hoping there will be more to the Blu-Ray, if not (as much as I like the video) I may just pass on the deluxe set