Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


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This is a 5/5 track to me. A level above BOS and sorry, but AMOLAD which I liked lately is dusty compared to this.

There are Bruce solo vibes in it and despite the gallopping parts some un-Maidenish things too.

Listening to it on headphones, best sound in the last 20 years to me. BOS and AMOLAD sound lame compared to this.

Two out of two from Senjutsu so far! Really good songs I am happy!

Btw. I have been listening to Maiden since 1988 so I have the privilege to have an absolute opinion and no one else is right just saying! LOL


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Yeah, I don't actually think this is going to open the concert. I think this is a really good second track for it, though, similar to how we got Speed of Light after If Eternity Should Fail. It's shorter, lots of energy, it's go time.


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God this song made me realize how much i missed the maiden gallop in the recent years!
The vocals sound amazing.Beautiful...absolutely beautiful bridge and chorus
yes, we get those rarely all these years. Jan knocked this one out of the park