Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


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H will try some exotic japanese scales (like Marty Friedman) on the title track? One can only hope!


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After sitting on this news for a few hours I just realized that if BOS was a reinvention (in a way) of the Eddie on the first album cover, this is a reinvention (again, in a way) of the Killers Eddie.

BOS - Eddie in front of a background/solid
Senjutsu - Eddie with a sharp object


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Okay, had to google "weebs". Definitely not obsessed with Japanese culture. Just not of fan of what seems like mocking speech.

No problem. I am an enthusiast for Japan as they had a pretty funky history, and especially military history and especially WW2 naval stuff. They also have an unique outlook on technology and nature combined.

On the other hand, mainstream Japan exports such as anime are full of perversions of the culture and just depict things wrong.

That pun came out of the train of thought about some people claiming this could be iffy due to 'cultural appropriation', while that's already gone to apeshit when you know what kind of 'cultural exports' from Japan are 'westerners' digesting mostly. An album from Maiden having references and context is just an homage to Japan.


Some things I wanna add:
  1. I hope they sell Bels Feast shirts and posters
  2. It would be nice seeing adrian smith sing on some of the song
  3. While the book of souls had black bakcground, when you opened the vinyl gatefol you got some pretty badass ultrawide artwork so I hope that is the case here considering its a triple vinyl
  4. While many people talk about long boring harris tracks I actually believe we'll get something good this time
  5. No dave at all on this album and also no solo bruce songs; thats sad
  6. The blu ray may be a dolby atmos mix
  7. It would be nice if the singles were released physically with goodies (lotb videos or sth)
They are selling a Belshazzar's Feast shirt, currently it's fan club exclusive, but it's up for pre-order.


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They are already selling the Belshazzar's Feast shirt, but as of right now it's a fanclub-only exclusive. I'm sure they'll have it for sale on tour though.

How much are they looking for for it? I might rejoin:lol:


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If the album has ties to Japan (as 90% of TBOS doesn't have to Mayans you know...) I would appreciate some bits and bobs about the sea stuff. Harris did write about Battle of Britain, why not something like Battle of Tsushima which placed Japan into "great powers" box, the first (entirely) non-European nation to be there.


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The last time Bruce co-wrote with someone other than Adrian Smith / The last time Bruce co-wrote with Steve Harris / The last time Bruce co-wrote with Janick Gers:
2010 (The Final Frontier)
"El Dorado" Smith/Harris/ Dickinson
"Coming Home" Smith/Harris/Dickinson
"The Alchemist" Gers/Harris/Dickinson
"Starblind" SmithHarrisDickinson

The last time Bruce co-wrote with Nicko McBrain:
2003 (Dance of Death)
"New Frontier" (McBrain, Smith, Dickinson)

The last time Bruce co-wrote with Dave Murray (non-album) / The last time Bruce co-wrote with Nicko McBrain (non-album)
2003 (b-sides Dance of Death era singles)
"Pass the Jam" (Dickinson, Gers, Harris, McBrain, Murray, Smith)
"More Tea Vicar" (Dickinson, Gers, Harris, McBrain, Murray, Smith)

The last time Bruce co-wrote with Dave Murray
(Fear of the Dark)
Chains of Misery (Dickinson, Murray)
Judas Be My Guide (Dickinson, Murray)


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One thing I love about Maiden is the amount of time they leave for speculation to really build up :D


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Anything’s possible. I’m curious if they’ll release any physical singles this time. BOS had the one track Speed of Light CD and not sure you’d count the Empire of the Clouds pic disc. Final Frontier had none.


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There’s some very complex songs on this album which took a lot of hard work to get them exactly as we wanted them to sound

I just hope this is not TRATB sort of a thing, like Mosh said, TFF should be the pattern here, the last 5 songs are long and each one is different.

There’s also one or two songs which sound pretty different to our usual style, and I think Maiden fans will be surprised

First thing - Dickinson's 'from the top of the head' numbers are almost always wrong. I do hope there are more than two tracks there that will raise some eyebrows, and I do believe the released single is not one of them - its ingredients are found throughout the last few albums, no issues about that.


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Worried and dissapointed with the album cover and artwork, the title of the album and those 3 over 10 min. songs by Harris at the end of the album.
  1. They are repeating the Book of souls art direction. (album cover and artwork on the inside) Why a Japanese samurai when you've got a Maiden Japan unbeatable Eddie? Belshazzars t.shirt artwork looked very interesting art direction.
  2. The Title of the album and the cliche choosing different cultures around the world for the album cover and stage design.
  3. I'm worried about those three over 10 min. long written by Harris at the end of the album. I hope they works and don't be British Lion's kind of songs. I would prefer just one of them and keep other two for another album. I want quality over quantity. It's the problem since Fear of the dark album.
  4. All these different formats… (2 kind of triple vynils and a box set with memorabilia… Do they want to squeeze our pockets?


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Hopefully the BD is the album in 5.1 and not just the already released music video but I am sure that would have been mentioned in the press release.