Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021


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Bruce said it's a better album than TBOS. Kevin said that it's the best album (''dynamite'') they've made together... also it's the hardest album he has ever made (the songs are very challenging).

Excitement level: infinity :bigsmile:

We can spot Janick's guitars and Steve's two basses (the acoustic bass - great) in the video. Hope there will be ''a making of'' documentary, especially if the album turns out to be a modern classic.


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Oh they seem very enthusiastic! It's like they can't keep themselves from exploding in enjoyment! /s I don't know, but it's like they read our concerns for "keeping things quiet" and the marketing team trying to scramble things from the bottom drawer. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing them saying something, anything, about what's probably the biggest event for us this year, but this is so low key. I mean, Bruce leaning on crutches, sub par audio quality from the man who is in charge of it and picking dirt from his mouth, Harris looking more concerned than anything else.

I love it! It's like making an album at the steel construction plant with the boys on the floor!


Out of the Silent Planet
The other guys in the band were so angry that they didn't hear the final mix of the album and decided to not participate in this video... :D

In fact, they haven't heard it yet.

Edit: maybe they were not shown because a ''making of'' documentary is on the way.
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Obviousy the rest of the guys ( especially Nick) were long gone by the time of the interview. Let;s see if there is indeed a making of in the works.


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I think I see a loose string on one of the guitars in the background, clearly this album was made so quickly they didn't even tune!


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Didn't he also produce some Dream Theater albums? Sep 3rd can't come soon enough!
He produced Falling Into Infinity (1997). The contents were more commercial than usual, but it is definitely the best sounding album of their career (especially for the drum sound).


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Hell on Earth confirmed to be in Drop-A. (Kidding)
Wouldn’t mind if H used a 7 string in drop-A to fill out the sonic spectrum a bit (not super loud in the mix) as it gets a bit messy with the three guitars doing the same rythm at times. I’ve done some “adding” when playing along and it works quite nice.


I miss "making of" videos so bad. I could watch hours and hours of such footage. It's not very likely after we got nothing for TFF and TBoS, but well, this little video gives at least some hope that more BTS material has been captured.