Selling some Maiden-related stuff and other bits and bobs


Ancient Mariner
The title of the thread sums it all up. I am downsizing my collection and thought that perhaps some of you might be interested.

I am currently only posting to the UK (blame Bruxit), but just message me if you are really interested in something so I can give you a quote for the postage and packaging.

Links to all Maiden-related stuff below:

All items, including some non-Maiden stuff, can be seen here:

Ed Force One stickers and Nicko McBrain DVD now gone.

Final 24 hours for the following items:

And a new addition to the sale, a cool collection of Iron Maiden posters:

Empire of the Clouds 12" and Trooper beer mat now gone. The following items are still available:

And some new items on sale!

I have some non-Maiden CDs on sale too. Everything can be found at:

Many items have already been sold, but I still have some on sale. I have also added some cool items as I am downsizing my collection.

I am currently only shipping to the UK. If you are based somewhere else and interested in something, please send me a message so I can send you a quote for postage and packaging.

Post Christmas sale!

Some very nice vinyl items now on sale. :)

And final days for this rarity:

The January sale continues! Many items are now gone, but the following ones have reduced prices. :)

These items are still on sale:

And a couple of new items on sale:

Most of the items I had on sale are now gone, but I have found a few things that some might be interested in.

The following items are still available:

And some non-Maiden stuff that someone might like:

Just in case anyone is interested, I am selling the following items:

I might be putting up for sale the following T-shirts too (not sure if anyone here will be interested):

- Ed Hunter European tour T-shirt, size L (like this one:
- Paris 1999 T-shirt, size XL (like this one:
- Brave New World tour T-shirt, size L (album cover on the front, yellow Eddie head on the back)

Please do not hesitate to message me if you have any questions.
I am selling some Maiden-related stuff and thought some of you might be interested.




Other memorabilia:

Several calendars are now gone, but the following items are still available:

T- shirts:



Other memorabilia: