Second gig with Maiden tribute band - success


Saturday night was my second gig with the Maiden tribute band I joined this year. (I play Dave Murray's guitar parts.) Venue was a small club in Sacramento, CA; we will have some bigger booking opportunities in the new year now that the new lineup (me and drummer) has gelled.

In the audience was Gary Holt of Exodus and Slayer -- how's that for a little pressure? Apparently he lives in Sac. When my bandmates pointed him out to me, I went over to his table, said hi, thanked him for coming, then grabbed my backup guitar off the stand and went out to my car to run through a couple of parts one more time while the support band (a Judas Priest tribute from Reno) played.

Crowd was fired up and was digging it. Our singer was suffering some bronchial congestion that hampered him a bit on the high notes, but he powered through. Despite some feedback from my rig on the small stage, I felt pretty good about it. Here's a snippet of "Prowler" shot by a fan.

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