SBIT 08.08.08, Prague, The Czech Republic


The show was avesome, but sadly, it was affected by a train accident near Ostrava with some fans being on board (see Bruce dedicated one song to the victims - well, we did not know if there were fatalities and Bruce hoped there weren't.

Well. The show happened to be on a new football (or soccer, I do not know the difference :) I believe soccer is the right word) stadium in Prague, so everything was new for us :) First, the information was that they are letting people in at 16:00 but, hehe, no way, 17:00 was the right time, so we were a bit angry. Then, the organization was a bit terrible when retrieving belts marking us as those allowed to the pit. But this was the last setback. Everything else went incredible.

First support band started at the announced time, i.e. 18:00. It was a czech band called Salamandra, some kind of melodic speed metal as they title themselves - something between Helloween and Rhapsody of Fire I'd say. I think their guitars had too low volume compared to the drums and the bass, but still awesome compared to the Lauren Harris who started at 19:00. Well, she is quite nice to look at, but the music, I do not like it much.

Nevermind, 20:00, Doctor Doctor starting and the pit is going wild singing it along. Then, we got a short videoclip showing images of Ed Force One and some others. Then the show started. I will not write down the setlist because I believe it was the same as on the other gigs. I would have swapped some songs with others, but incredible anyway, especially
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
this was the song I came to see primarily :)

Well, I think, that's all. I tried to do some photos using my cell phone, but sadly, I am not used to do it and have my index finger on most shots :) Well, I'll try to post some on Sunday, but I believe some better shots will be available soon and also a bootleg recording. I'll try to find out and post it here later :)

Some photos etc.: ... e08082008/

There were 35 000 people (not 45 as the video suggests)